Thursday, February 9, 2012



I needed a very quick and easy craft to use as a fill in at a women's group meeting next Monday! 
I found this book in my stash and what do you know: on Page 78 there was a 
Sweetheart design that was just right and takes about 
1 minute to do!  Perfect!
So I thought I would share it with you.  
Your Kids and Grandkids will learn in less than a minute!

Lay your napkin (design DOWN) if it is not a solid color.
Flip up the bottom...

Now fold in the sides but you don't have to make the creases sharp; soft will do...

Now take the lower right corner and fold it diagonally so the corner meets that soft crease

So it looks like this, and then

take the lower left corner, fold it over so the right sides are even.

See, easy - peasy and so quick

And here we are...all ready for dinner!
Oh, does that mean I have to cook???

Lave me a comment but don't tell me you have been making these since Kindergarten! LOL
I have another post "in my head" and pics for it in my computer but this old Computer is heading off to "Computer Heaven" next week.  YEA
so wish me luck with my new Laptop!    BIGGER YEA!
Happy Valentines Day and until next time...




  1. Hi Joy, I've never folded my napkins into a heart, will try on Tuesday! Have a great weekend and good luck with your lap top!

  2. Wow, I'd say that was one of the easiest tuts
    I think I can do that! I will have to do it for our Valentine dinner next week..and I have some Red cloth napkins too.
    Oh I wish I was in the market for a new computer...I would love a larger screen although mine is a 15 inch I'd love a 17"...never good enough huh??? lol


  3. What a cute idea. I have never done that. Joy, I am so not crafty. Thanks for the visit.


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