Friday, February 22, 2013


Other than furniture with the always stubborn "Dust Bunnies?" 
 Here's a bunch of pictures of what's on mine:

A real "Sap Bucket" beautifully painted.

A favorite corner

I actually use these for storage - wooden apples and pears!

My husband's chair, daughter's Raggedy Ann

Husband made a "Pouting" chair for each of our daughters one Christmas & I made them 
18" Teddy Bears.  I talked him into a chair for me!  :)

A real cutie for our sun-porch -- heat or just flames!

Shipped this chest from Providence, R. I. one vacation.
Sheep are my thing!

Here Kitty, Kitty, Kitty  

The best thing is the tag that says: "Someone in Iowa Loves you!"

My attempt at a "Bucket Bench" bought on-line.

Husband also built this Firewood for each of our girls and you don't think I would let him get away without one for me, do you???

One of those corners that I feel looks too busy but in 15 years I can't figure out what to do see those are place mats rolled up in the crock...why, you say?  Well, there is not a drawer in my kitchen that is wide enough for place mats!  AND, see the Dollar Store one curved in the back...well, it is hiding an electric outlet full of T.V. plugs etc.  Really UGLY!

This is my entire collection of YELLOW WARE which I dearly love.
Oh yes, I do have 3 plates!  Yippee!

And last but not least, this is the floor cloth I painted for the last Home Tour
 and the inspiration for the name of my blog!
It is the closest I will ever come to living in a real farmhouse!  (Sigh!)

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Why don't you post about WHAT'S ON YOUR FLOOR and leave me a comment so I can check your blog out...I am really nosy!  :)

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Now my apologies to you all:  I hurt my foot in September and then hurt my back so have been in pain since then...pain pills, physical therapy, etc.  but it still hurts.  An MRI and cortisone shots are on the horizon but I am toughing it out as best as I can.  But as you all know who "have been there" when you are in pain nothing much gets done, including "sitting at the computer" much at all.  So I hope you can all forgive me and I will try to do better as I get better!

Love to you all,

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