Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Lake Tahoe, Golf and More

A" through the windshield" picture of climbing the mountain road to Tahoe and cooler weather.
One of the cute homes in Lake Tahoe
Another cute one, somewhat larger, eh?
Just let me move right into this one! LOL
A "Welcome Bear"...thankfully not a REAL one!
JERRY RICE, one of my 49er's
And when I spoke to him there was a
"glimmer" of recognition
from Training Camp Days.
This is a pole that tells the snow plow drivers how
close the edge of the road is! Snow comes down in "feet"
not inches!
Boaters along the golf course!

And back home again:

Friday, July 9, 2010

More Red, White and Blue

Hi again:
Well, it has taken me more days than I planned but here are some more pictures from around my house. If these post OK I will add some more of the yard. I like to leave my Americana accessories up all summer until I get tired of red, white and blue; then I switch into fall which I also LOVE. Enjoy and hugs to all

Friday, July 2, 2010

Well, so much for figuring out how to do pictures at once??? Still learning...see ya soon
Hugs, Joy

Well, I have been at this for several hours...see I told you I was still new at this picture stuff. So I will end for today with two pictures....in a few more days I will post my sun room and odds 'n ends in my back yard. HAPPY FORTH EVERYONE!

This is what you see when you come into my entry...love the flag picture over the lamp...it's from Karen Martinsen...love that woman; she has such great stuff!

At Christmas time when my house was on a Holiday Tour I wanted to do something with these UGLY lights on the kitchen ceiling. So After many tries I finally figured out a way to cover them with lace. ( You have to be careful with glues as they cannot be close to heat.) When I tried that first without reading the glue label...LOL...the lace was falling down each time after 12 hours. So I finally took the plastic covers down and used sticky back VELCRO, applying it to the outside edges of the plastic and the edges of the lace..WALA! It is still stuck and I decided to leave it up all year. Fun!

Here is a pic of my KITCHEN HUTCH all dressed for the summer. I found these Park Designs dishes after reading someone else's blog late one night. It only took a minute...Mr. Google knows everything!

My good blogging friend KAREN MARTINSEN put me onto the GERANIUMS from Jo-Ann this past spring...so I ran out (the night before leaving on my vacation! LOL) and bought a few...actually all of the RED ones they had left! I love them and have them all over the house!

Did ya see the STARS on the salt 'n pepper shakers...

Oops, looks like a red, white and blue PLAID snuck in here. LOL

A 4th of July SURPRISE!
When I got up this morning and went into my kitchen there was this beautiful vase of ROSES that my S.O. (significant other) had placed on my table. He snuck in while I was sleeping! He is a sweetheart and boy, can he grow ROSES!
Hi To All My Prim Friends!
As you know I like to "change things" for the seasons and I especially love "Americana" for the summer so I (think) I am going to show you a bunch of the Americana accessories I use in my home...some even all year round.
I am patriotic person who loves her country and yes, I cry at parades when the flag goes by or when I hear the Star Spangled Banner. I think our Military forces are the best in the world and am absolutely dismayed that this silly war is still going on!
I hope you enjoy these pics and come back soon. And a Happy Forth of July to all!

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