Thursday, June 21, 2012


Did you?  Are you hurt?  Are you seeing
Shall we call 911?
After all
2 posts from me
in one week may 
waaaay tooooo much!
Just compose yourself and read on
Once I got this idea I couldn't stop myself!

You see, this is my front porch; I know you've seen it before
but just bear with me.
I love flowers and really full hanging baskets
(See the cute Heart Grapevine holder)
but I digress.
Anyway, the petunias seem to be struggling from lack of water
and I don't "do ladders" any more so
watering was a problem.
read on...

You see, I couldn't reach it
and when I did I got as much water on me as in the pot, 

See that little black thing-y near the top?
That, my friends
is saving my life
and the PETUNIAS
I might add

It is called
"The Easy Way To Care For Your Hanging Plants!"
And would you believe they are 2 for $4.00

So, here my friends is the Petunia Pot, raised up to her chosen spot, just
                                                                 "chompin' at the bit"
to grow" lush and full" and make me a Happy Camper!
So guess what? When I had the Pot down to my level, surprise, I saw some little critters were
enjoying dinner on those sweet little petunias.
Well, you can't win 'em all...
Guess they need more than water
Guess I'll have to give the "critters" some, ahem, "Flavored Water!

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

If you want to know where I got this marvelous, non-technical
piece, just send me an E-mail.
By for now, and
do pick yourself up off the floor!!
I promise I probably can't post twice in a week again
if my life depended on it. 
 But do come back again just on the 
outside chance 
I get another inspiration!


Monday, June 18, 2012


Have you ever had a spot in your home that you couldn't get "just right?"  Well, as you know I have lived in my home for almost  15 years (the most before that was 7 years, when I absolutely REFUSED to move) and I am almost ashamed to admit that some of the following pictures will show areas that have been this way since 1977!  LOL  And people say: I am always changing things!  WRONG!

Since I don't live "In a Beautiful FARMHOUSE with a wonderful porch going all around, this is my answer to that.  It's only about 6 x 10 but enough for my little (K-Mart- Martha Stewart) table and chairs.  (Oops! Sorry about the hose!)

The top of my just looks so neat and clean.
(Now should I put all the soda bottles back that have no other place to live in my tiny house!)  LOL  

I got this little stand from "Collections" catalog for $9.95, repainted it black and when I found 3 Toile plates at Marshalls added a few black candleholders and called it a day!

This crock (from PA.) was given to me from a client and the dog is the
RCA Victor dog.  Love it!

Had this corner cupboard made years ago; it's been stained, painted red, tan, and now black.  I lined it in red ticking and the bonnet is from an online store.  
A favorite spot in my bedroom.

And on the other side of my bedroom:  My daughter's birth pictures, First day of school and  a teen-age picture as a gift when they threw us a surprise 25th anniversary party in 1976.

In my master bath...the framed picture is an anniversary card sent by a daughter and 
I just love the feeling of it.

This is a big, long window over the vanity.  I have a theme of "Houses" going on in this bathroom thus the houses on the sill.  Oh yea, The light fixture used to be chrome but I sprayed it (satin finish) black and it is great.  
I hope you have enjoyed my Favorite Nooks and let me see yours!
Please leave me a comment and come back soon.  
(Home Tour #3 is almost ready!)

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