Monday, June 18, 2012


Have you ever had a spot in your home that you couldn't get "just right?"  Well, as you know I have lived in my home for almost  15 years (the most before that was 7 years, when I absolutely REFUSED to move) and I am almost ashamed to admit that some of the following pictures will show areas that have been this way since 1977!  LOL  And people say: I am always changing things!  WRONG!

Since I don't live "In a Beautiful FARMHOUSE with a wonderful porch going all around, this is my answer to that.  It's only about 6 x 10 but enough for my little (K-Mart- Martha Stewart) table and chairs.  (Oops! Sorry about the hose!)

The top of my just looks so neat and clean.
(Now should I put all the soda bottles back that have no other place to live in my tiny house!)  LOL  

I got this little stand from "Collections" catalog for $9.95, repainted it black and when I found 3 Toile plates at Marshalls added a few black candleholders and called it a day!

This crock (from PA.) was given to me from a client and the dog is the
RCA Victor dog.  Love it!

Had this corner cupboard made years ago; it's been stained, painted red, tan, and now black.  I lined it in red ticking and the bonnet is from an online store.  
A favorite spot in my bedroom.

And on the other side of my bedroom:  My daughter's birth pictures, First day of school and  a teen-age picture as a gift when they threw us a surprise 25th anniversary party in 1976.

In my master bath...the framed picture is an anniversary card sent by a daughter and 
I just love the feeling of it.

This is a big, long window over the vanity.  I have a theme of "Houses" going on in this bathroom thus the houses on the sill.  Oh yea, The light fixture used to be chrome but I sprayed it (satin finish) black and it is great.  
I hope you have enjoyed my Favorite Nooks and let me see yours!
Please leave me a comment and come back soon.  
(Home Tour #3 is almost ready!)


  1. Love your nooks. Love the patio with the hose. I put a picture of my porch on my blog and spotted my shoes! Oh well it is what it is. So glad to visit with you again.

  2. I also love all of your nooks and crannies. Your home looks warm and inviting. Are you getting down my way? I would love to have you spend some time with us. Have a great week. Hugs, Lura

  3. I love the 'house-theme'. And those shoes are mine! Well, they look like mine when I was little.


  4. Miss Joy, What an adorable table and chair set! Looking forward to seeing soon! Take Care, Terry

  5. I LOOOOVE ALL YOUR LITTLE NOOKS AND really do a fantastic job of displaying things fun to come here and get ideas.

  6. I love the houses on the sill, they are wonderful. Timless too. I really enjoy reading about all your primitive style creations. Keep it coming!


  7. Love all your darling nooks and crannies!! Thanks so much for stopping by!
    I love your "brick work" and the stenciling making it look like a rug. I should have done something like this but it is too late now! LOL!



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