Tuesday, May 29, 2012


and I was there!  No, you sillies, not in 1602 (I know I am "elderly" but I am NOT THAT OLD!  LOL  Santa Catalina Island has quite a history.  Located about 20 miles off the coast of Southern California, you have to take a boat to get there.  Well ,maybe there is an airstrip but I don't know for sure. Anyway, we (Mr. S. O.) and I flew to Long Beach and jumped on this wonderful boat for the trip over.  Takes about an hour...we were moving right along...

here is the boat...

and here is the dock with a map of the island...

This is typical of the scenery...can I say: "VERY HILLY!"

Here's how you get around on this island...
on foot or possibly a golf cart
You can rent bikes but.
There are hardly any cars

isn't this Hotel a beauty!  Really PINK!

and of course on a walk we found this sign
so I HAD to get a picture of
Mr. S.O.!
Cute, eh?

This was the view out of our window right in town.  I don't want to say the houses were close together sideways...but front to back as well!  Cozy,
and you better get along with your neighbors!

This huge sea gull was begging for food all the time!  Even followed me all
around the beach.  I couldn't help thinking of the movie, "The Birds" or whatever it was called.
Catalina is beautiful and a fun place to go!
Now if there was only a "Honeymoon" in the future!

I already have my next post "in my head" and hope to get to it quickly.
Have to allow you sweeties time to leave me a comment on my "Travelogue"
so do your part and I promise to post MUCH, MUCH sooner.
And I even used the new "Interface!"  Whew, it's hard to hold your breath 
all the way through.
Thank you to all my new followers, some of whom I have NOT been able to thank
properly, but I appreciate each and every follower and comment.
Please come back soon!

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