Thursday, May 27, 2010

Dear Friends: Now that it is almost summer I am finally getting finished with Spring decor. I have this lovely bunch of "coneflowers" made by Shari at HOMESPUN AND PRIMITIVES out of sort of a stiffened felt. They are so "Prim" and when I was adding a little "mustard color" to my great room after the Christmas holidays, they were just the touch I needed for the fireplace mantel. (Now if I can just get the picture on here this will make sense.)
In a day or so I fly off to Minnesota, which is "going home" for me. Grandson is graduating from high school and I can't miss it. He's a great kid, totally in love with his car. :-) Will spend a few days with my daughter (his mom) and we plan to take in a huge Flea Market. That will be fun so I usually bring an extra suitcase to bring back my goodies rather than ship by Fed-X, etc. Last time I visited there I took a long, narrow basket to get a price on shipping it..the fee was $58 so I carried it on the plane as one of my two allowable "carry-on" items and didn't have to pay anything. After Minnesota I will travel to Iowa where my 13 yr. old Granddaughter will take part in a Dance recital and probably talk "Prim" decorating with her mom (my first-born) the rest of the time.
So I won't be posting for a couple of weeks or months. I don't want you all to get overwhelmed! LOL and :-)
Hugs, Joy
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