Sunday, January 16, 2011

The New Life-Long Dream Pencil Post BED!!!

Here is this new beauty with a pair of old kitchen tab-top curtains hanging straight and all-white shams

Here's another shot for your viewing pleasure! LOL

So here I tied the curtains back with that burlap-py ribbon from Pottery Barn and changed the shams to solid red matlesse and red/white floral toile with buttoned red checked ends.  I thought it needed to be warmed up a little (here in CA.  Don't laugh, it gets cold here, too!)

Here's almost the same shot.  I LOVE THIS BED!

Had to show you this:  in my last post I said I get tons of stuff with my name.  How's this for identifying whose bed it is!  (My cat doesn't seem to be able to read but he wasn't around when I was doing these photos.)

So I thought I'd throw in a couple of shots around the room, even if there is more to be done.  These dressers are between a pair of built-ins and there is a wonderful peg shelf that will go above the pictures.  Just haven't gotten around to it.  LOL  I also plan to spray paint the hardware black soon.  Have to wait till the rainy season is over as I do it outside.

This is a $30.00 wicker bench I got at Cost Plus and it was first in my bedroom as purchased (white) with a beautiful floral cushion made out of Ralph Lauren sheets, Then it moved on to my front porch with a red and white checked cushion but then I wanted a more "old" look so I dry-brushed it with brown and green craft paint and put a grungy taupe cushion on it.  Then ,last year I had this space under my bay window in the bedroom so I brought it in and painted it black.  (I was WM's best customer in the paint dept. for a while!  Pretty bad when they know you by name at WM, huh!)  But considering that, I think I have really gotten my $30 use out of it, eh?)

Well, this rocker is the only piece of furniture I have that we purchased for our first apartment outside of Chicago over 50 years ago. (Does that make it an antique???  If so, then I must be antique, too???)  Ha, ha!.  It was black then and over the years I have painted it red and now it is white and I think it will stay that way...I think!!  The kitty underneath is not real but I love him anyway and everyone who sees him thinks he is real.  Hey, no litter box and no waking me up at 4 am.  But if someone gave me a cat, I' take it in a minute. The pillow reads: "AND TO ALL A GOOD NIGHT."  so until the next time...
Hugs,  Joy

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