Friday, March 12, 2010

My First Picture

I am trying to learn to put pictures in my blog so here is one of my hutch because in a few days I am going to change it all around...take away some of the red stuff and add some sparkle! Tomorrow I am taking a class to learn more about blogging...I sure hope I don't go "brain dead!"
Until next time...Hugs, Joy

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


I have been saying 2010 is the year for A BLOG FOR ME and here it is! To all my blogging friends who have answered my hundreds of questions, I thank you...every little bit helps. I think I got scared to try it "by myself" but am going to a class on blogs this Saturday and want to have questions that maybe, make some sense to the instructor. So I thought I would try to follow prompts and see what I get. So here I am. YIPPEE!
Now I haven't a clue to what to do from here so I will leave you, breathless for more, I hope! I will click on Publish Post and see where that takes me...wish me luck!
If this works, I will probably "hyperventilate" but you will know that I am a happy camper. There is a lot more to learn but I am hangin' in there. Hugs, Joy

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