Sunday, January 16, 2011

The New Life-Long Dream Pencil Post BED!!!

Here is this new beauty with a pair of old kitchen tab-top curtains hanging straight and all-white shams

Here's another shot for your viewing pleasure! LOL

So here I tied the curtains back with that burlap-py ribbon from Pottery Barn and changed the shams to solid red matlesse and red/white floral toile with buttoned red checked ends.  I thought it needed to be warmed up a little (here in CA.  Don't laugh, it gets cold here, too!)

Here's almost the same shot.  I LOVE THIS BED!

Had to show you this:  in my last post I said I get tons of stuff with my name.  How's this for identifying whose bed it is!  (My cat doesn't seem to be able to read but he wasn't around when I was doing these photos.)

So I thought I'd throw in a couple of shots around the room, even if there is more to be done.  These dressers are between a pair of built-ins and there is a wonderful peg shelf that will go above the pictures.  Just haven't gotten around to it.  LOL  I also plan to spray paint the hardware black soon.  Have to wait till the rainy season is over as I do it outside.

This is a $30.00 wicker bench I got at Cost Plus and it was first in my bedroom as purchased (white) with a beautiful floral cushion made out of Ralph Lauren sheets, Then it moved on to my front porch with a red and white checked cushion but then I wanted a more "old" look so I dry-brushed it with brown and green craft paint and put a grungy taupe cushion on it.  Then ,last year I had this space under my bay window in the bedroom so I brought it in and painted it black.  (I was WM's best customer in the paint dept. for a while!  Pretty bad when they know you by name at WM, huh!)  But considering that, I think I have really gotten my $30 use out of it, eh?)

Well, this rocker is the only piece of furniture I have that we purchased for our first apartment outside of Chicago over 50 years ago. (Does that make it an antique???  If so, then I must be antique, too???)  Ha, ha!.  It was black then and over the years I have painted it red and now it is white and I think it will stay that way...I think!!  The kitty underneath is not real but I love him anyway and everyone who sees him thinks he is real.  Hey, no litter box and no waking me up at 4 am.  But if someone gave me a cat, I' take it in a minute. The pillow reads: "AND TO ALL A GOOD NIGHT."  so until the next time...
Hugs,  Joy


  1. I was so glad to see you had posted again. I think your bed is absolutely gorgeous. You have such exquisite taste it is all beautiful. I truly enjoy your blog.
    betty, through my back door

  2. Beautiful...I love it . It just calls out "climb in" perfect beauty and comfort.

  3. Your bed is BEAUTIFUL! I too have always wanted one. Good for you!
    I bet your very happy with it.

  4. Oh my, I LOVE your pencil post bed! Love it all and the decor is sooooo nice! Can't wait to see more.

  5. So glad you stopped by my blog and left that wonderful comment! I became a follower of your blog! LOVE your bed!! It is beautiful!! I will check back often!!

  6. Oh, your bed is just beautiful!! I like how it all coordinates so well in your wonderful room. I would never want to get out of bed. I'd just lay there all day looking around. :)
    Hugs ~ Birgit

  7. Your bed is beautiful and your decorating is amazing, so comfy and cozy! Thanks for stopping by my blog and becoming a follower.


  8. HI Joy - I've just discovered your blog and have enjoyed reading it! I see that you live in Roseville? I grew up in Truckee and then moved to Sacramento. Met my hubby when he was attending school at Sierra College. We've been in Utah for 35 years now and I love it here, but we're in CA often because all my family lives in Sacramento. Nice to 'meet' you!

  9. As always, it looks fantastick!! Wish I could see it in person...very inviting!

  10. Beautiful! Cozy! Thanks for stopping by and entering me little contest - I am now a follower!

  11. i love did it up just right...i love the red color with the lighter creams and beiges..after my trip here to the south i think i want to change things up when i get home...i am loving the color that a color...hehe...keep going are doing great and it looks so lovely

  12. Love your pencil post bed! I also love the way you have your bed and room decorated... So very pretty!

    Have a great evening..


  13. Your Dream Bed is just to wonderful I agree.

    I just love the changes. I love hearing someone else say they love their stuff. I am always telling a couple friends what all I love in my house so glad I'm not alone

    With Love for our stuff Janice

  14. Oh I am thinking that this is nothing short of perfect!! LOVE LOVE LOVE it!! You have so many special touches in the room - what a cozy spot!!

  15. You're bed is just....sigh....wonderful! Love your blog, and I noted the Tyler Taupe paint which looks fantastic - I have a paint chip for TT for my trim work when I get to painting this spring - seeing it up in your room convinced me!

  16. I just love your bed, I would love to have one of those in my home. I enjoyeed looking around. Thanks for sharing and stop by to visit me sometime.

  17. What a lovely bedroom, Joy! I just love the curtain touch! Wow... oh to have a room myself to be able to incorporate that would be awesome! How inspiring. :)



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