Thursday, December 30, 2010


Well, I hope you enjoy my little bit of Christmas from this season.  After having my home on a large HOME TOUR last year and having EVERY NOOK AND CRANNY decorated I just decided enough was enough.  I looked at the 8 tubs of decorations and just closed the lids and used a few things that were readily available to put out this year.  But you know what?  Christmas came and went and it was all fine.  I just wish I could figure out how to even start disposing of all the great decorations...I have many that were my grandparents, even more from the 49 years my husband I collected before he passed, and that doesn't count the gifts or the stuffed animals that were always around the tree, table decorations, window decorations and what all.  I think I could start my own CHRISTMAS STORE!   If anyone has a great solution for me be sure to let me know  :-).   When we moved into this house 13 years ago I only brought with us our very favorites...I guess I have too many favorites!  LOL  My wish for you all is to  HAVE A HAPPY AND HEALTHY NEW YEAR!  Hugs to all my current FOLLOWERS and any more who would care to join in!   Joy

Welcome to my home

"You Better Watch Out..."

My kitchen which looks out to the front

A little kitchen tree 

This wonderful painted-muslin goose is the only new thing this year!

Looks like this is only half done...

Yes, I should have placed some greens or batting around these candles and the scale above but I couldn't find either.  But hey!  they are those new battery candles with a timer which turns them on the off by themselves!  Who says Primitive style can't be "technical!  LOL

The standing Father Christmas plate matches my Christmas dishes...which I didn't even get out this year, but I did find the Christmas Tree design luncheon plates to match my TransferWare so what the heck, I bought 'em

Opposite the fireplace

Detail of a darling pillow from JoAnn last year!  I do get lots of things with my name on them!  LOL

Well, I guess I lied above about the goose...I also bought this pillow this year.  Colors are great!

So this is my secondary focal point in my great room.  I bought some of the pics, color-copied some of them and one is an antique calendar page from April 1946 I found in a wonderful shop 45 minutes south of Minneapolis when I visited in Oct.  

Here's that old lantern light fixture I refinished in the fall.  I got it at Habitat for Humanity for $25, I think.

Had to show you this...a gift from a dear neighbor/friend.  It is from 1905!  LOVE IT!

A Christmas shot of the fireplace all newly painted and "Prim."

A new small Feather Tree purchased from a Friend in Tennessee

A favorite pillow I splurged on last year.  (Do you see a theme going on here?  Lots of HOUSES!)

Had to show you these.  Picked up these Paper Mache Boxes and Father Christmas at TUESDAY MORNING last summer.  Another customer wanted to buy them from me right out of my cart!  Ha, ha
Notice the new Braided rug...Got a bunch from COLONIAL BRAIDED RUG COMPANY in Shelby, NC.  I love their rugs, they are georgous! 

This is the bedroom hall and the NEW BED is here, but that is for another post.  Hugs to all and thanks for visiting!  Come back soon!


  1. Your home is lovely!! I love your wall of pics.
    You have many wonderful things!!

  2. I just found your blog! I love your home and all the decorations. Red is my color too. The dishes are so neat and I adore our canvas goose.
    I became a follower!
    betty, Through My Back Door

  3. beautiful photo's of your Christmas decor. Your home is warm and inviting!
    I pared down this year as well and only took out a few "favorite" things. It was much more relaxing doing it this way, I must say...
    Hope your 2011 brings you many wonderful blessings~ Birgit

  4. Oh how i love it all the Dishes** Pillows** Rugs*** A BEAUTIFUL HOLIDAY TOUR> I Wish i could visit in person. Thank you for sharing with us.
    A Very Happy New Year to You

  5. Everything looks beautiful. I love the red and whites and the quilts! Thanks for letting us look.


    I haven't been here in ahwile and miss you!!!!
    Hope you are doing well - it sounds like it.

    It's amazing how we can decorate simply and still enjoy the holiday - that's what we did this year and it never changed our mood or the meaning of Christmas at all.
    Your home is beautiful and thanks for sharing.


  7. I decorated with less this year and no one seemed to miss a thing! I gave much of my old stuff to church thrift shops and The Salvation Army. They sell it and use the funds for good purposes so it helps take the sting off not keeping family pieces.

    Love the fireplace all painted now - it was the perfect backdrop at Christmas time!!
    Thanks for stopping by and a very happy and healthy Happy New year!! HUGS!!

  8. Just wanted to say thank you for visiting my blog and becoming a follower. I sincerely appreciate your compliments. I will be back!
    betty, Through My Back Door

  9. oh my goodness joy.....i love love love it all...the fireplace and the colors....that red just works and is such a wonderful pop....don't you just love tyler is such a great color....i see so many things this year that you have changed from last year in your decorating...and i must say i am liking it all...i sure hope 2011 brings you everything that you want and need....keep on blogging is so much fun!!!

  10. Hi Joy, just finding your blog from Betty's and must say I've truly enjoyed looking at all the wonderful pics here! Love your decorating even if it is simplified this year, as most of us have done! Thanks for sharing your wonderful home, looking forward to seeing more!
    Hugs Libby

  11. I love you Painted Goose!!!!!! And thanks for inviting me to your blog!!!!


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