Tuesday, February 14, 2012


So far I have only ever shown you bits and pieces of my home or projects and thought you may want to get a better sense of what it is really like (mostly) LOL all put together.  I am usually in the middle of a project or two and can't take a picture until it's done....
here are a few pictures for you to start a mini tour of my home...ENJOY!.
Here is my front door, (red, of course) and my potting bench which is great for seasonal displays.
You can see the "bricks" I sponged on several years ago and this spring I will do a tutorial on how I did it and pics of the whole porch.  It is quite easy to do and only took me two days.
And, no I haven't gotten tired of it. I would do it again in a heartbeat!

This is a "rug" I painted on the other side of the porch where a table and chairs sit.  Done partly with stencils and partly "freehand."  It was easy to paint, (but hard on the KNEES!)  LOL.

Now, since I put the "entry picture" in the wrong place (and am terrified to try to change it!) LOL I will just say come in my front door and make a quick LEFT into my Sewing Room.  Now I don't want to say this room is small but it was supposed to hold my washer and dryer...and that's all.
So you can see it is only 6 ft long by 4 ft. wide.  But it is big enough for me if I have a project that needs sewing done!

Just wanted to show you the "Chickens Rug" in this room.  See you can see the "funky" chickens fabric I did a tutorial on it a while back just to the left.  That red is also the door to the garage.

So, here's the "entry" picture, so back out of the sewing room, step into the entry, (say hello to the "cat") and turn around to the right and see this little display.  There is a mirror (to check me as I go out the door, LOL) and 
a little stitchery... 

I love this display...got the metal flag from My Colonial Home a long time ago

But I thought you needed to see this message closer...for when Mr. S.O. goes home each evening he needs a reminder!  HA!

So leave the entry, turn around and see the kitchen dining area. It's not very big
 but just right for Mr. S.O. and me (but mostly he cooks at his house!  How lucky can I be!)

But, IF I do cook, this is where I do it.  The upper cabinets are BM "Monroe Bisque" and the lower are Ralph Lauren "Hunting Coat Red."  They originally were "ugly" oak color in the beginning and I hated them.
I lined the (glass door) cabinets, including wrapping the shelves, with a great all-over pattern fabric in red and cream,

Here's a close up of the "Floor Cloth" I did a couple of years ago.  Since my "business
 involves "houses" I thought it appropriate to do this type of pattern.  Partly stencils and partly freehand, (with a ruler. LOL)  They are so fun to paint; I'd like to do one for each room, but that's not gonna happen!  Well, at least until I see a pattern that would be "just perfect!"  Again, LOL

So that, Ladies and Gentlemen, is a Mini Tour of my house.  I hope you enjoy it enough to tell me
 and soon you will be able to see Mini Tour Part 2.
Thanks so much for visiting.
I hope to see your comments.


  1. I love the painted rugs...! Your home is beautiful and very cozy! Thanks for sharing:) K

  2. Enjoyed the tour. Your home is wonderful. I'm thinking of how I can turn a corner of my apartment into a craft area and your sewing room is my model.
    Happy Valentine wishes!

  3. Oh darlin', this Ozark Farm Chick hopped over from Buttercup's place and I've had so much fun pokin' round your charmin' farmhouse.

    Don't worry, I put everything back just the was it was. I'm twisted like that. heehehehe!!!

    I'm quite impressed with those lovely bricks ya painted. ....and this is one chick who doesn't impress easily!!!

    From the happy hills and hollers of the Missouri Ponderosa, ya'll have a blessed and beautiful day!!!

  4. I loved the little tour of your home Joy! Your home is so happy looking, love all your touches of red. The floor cloths are adorable! Thanks for showing off more of your home!!

  5. Such a lovely and warm home!! Thank you for sharing. The floor cloths are beautiful, great job. I absolutely love the brick!! I love brick anywhere. and yours looks wonderful.Can't wait to see more. Blessings ~Sara

  6. Hi Joy! You have a beautiful home! LOVE all your touches of red, I'm a red lover too, hehe. Your floor cloths are absolutely wonderful, you have done an amazing job on them! I enjoyed looking at all your prims too! =]

    Nice to meet you, my new blog friend. Have a delightful weekend~

  7. Good Saturday afternoon Joy...what a wonderful tour!
    I have really enjoyed this post...seeing things in order of how it's layed out.
    Boy do I like how you did your kitchen cabinets.
    Great faux brick porch!!!

  8. Well, Joy, I am so happy to get to visit your home. I think it is beautiful and you are right, we both have a lot of red. I will be back. BTW I love your kitchen.

  9. joy....i love your home....yours is so cozy and welcomes you right in....i could move in and feel right at home....i am getting ready for a redo at my house when i get home from florida...and the two toned cupboards in your kitchen gave me something to think about....thanks for sharing your pic...i love it...

  10. Hey darlin', I just wanted to thank you for visitin' and hoppin' on my blog. I sure hope ya'll enjoy the ride.

    Woohoo...a former Missouri Chick yourself. I'm 'bout seventy miles SE of Springfield.

    God bless and in the words of that wacky old Granny Clampett, "ya'll come back now....ya hear???"

    Have a super week sweetie. I try to get a new post up 'bout every 7~10 days. It's all the time the Ponderosa 'ill allow me. Heeehehehe!!!

  11. Dear Joy,
    You are so talented. I love the brick painted porch. Wow, that must have been a big job. I would love to do it but I can't get on my knees since the accident so that will never happen. I just love the way you did it though.
    Your home is darling... just perfect. I can't wait for the next tour. Thanks for the get well wishes. I have been sick for days and I am ready to be over this flu-cold any minute now. Have a good week. Hugs, Lura

  12. Hello again dear Joy,
    Thanks for stopping by and saying hello. I always enjoy hearing from you. Have a good week. I'm sending you hugs

  13. Hi Joy,
    This is so what I have been needing to do. You have organization at its best.
    I have condensed all I think I can that is if I want to keep having holidays. I have managed to gett everything into lager rubber made sand stacked and at least off the floor, yet to have all this nice with cabinetry to tuck things away in and at reach would be wonderful. I also love the clean look of all white in keeping with my French white neutral home.

    Love your indoor storage as well, will be visiting soon.




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