Sunday, January 15, 2012

EMERGENCY! EMERGENCY! (and Some New Projects!)

If you have been trying to leave me a comment, and you know I hope you have, and it didn't work, please try to use another browser like Google Chrome or Safari
(and maybe Firefox) because INTERNET EXPLORER doesn't seem to want to accept comments!
I am having this looked into so in the meantime don't forget me and e-mail me if you want to.
Sorry for this problem, but Lord knows, I am trying to get it resolved.
I am no computer whiz but I do have Mr. S. O. who you know is a programmer, and he is rather stuck, too.  So until I get it fixed, keep trying, OK?

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This jelly cupboard was in my living room but it also, (like my old red hutch looked too small) I felt like the room was getting cluttered with too much SMALL furniture.
So, in that same Consignment Store (that I really need to stay out of) LOL I found this Cherry Armoire that was "just like new," actually looked like it had never been used.  I got it for less than $250 and saw almost an identical one in Macy's for over $1,500!  How about that!
So here it is with the door open and my quilt collection (no, I don't quilt, I buy.  LOL)

And here it is with the doors closed
It just depends on my mood as to how I display it.  
Originally planned to have beadboard  inserted in the doors and paint it all black, but I have a friend who threatened "my demise" if I did that.  So for now it stays Cherry.  =)

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This is a picture of my old couch before it went to the Consignment Store.  A wonderful "too light in color" Ethan Alllen piece, 6 years old and too deep to be comfortable,that sold for a lofty $249 at consignment. =(.

And here is the brand new Macy's couch!  WOW! I haven't had RED upholstery since I was first married.
And the Dachshund we had at the time TORE the entire bottoms off those chairs.
(That was a bummer, I was pregnant and had just quit working, using my last pay-check to buy chairs!)
But we loved him anyway! =)

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I hope you like seeing the little bits and pieces of the projects that have been happening at my house.  I still haven't shown you several more; there is still some painting to finish up and shelves to hang and I hope to do a couple of tutorials on some stuff.
In the meantime, please don't forget me and try to comment.  Mr. S. O. said today, we have to get my new computer SOON.  
Now I just have to decide between a P.C.and a MAC.
Any suggestions???
Hope to hear from you soon and you can believe I am out there reading BLOGS a ton!
Until next time...


  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. Love all the red..I have had that problem on some blogs..I use Bing and IE...have a new computer and decided not to use Google Chrome...had a lot of problems on the old computer.

  3. Hi Joy, I love all your touches of red. They really make the rooms pop. The red couch is outstanding. As for computers, my dh wants to get a MAC next time too, less issues he says. Good luck!

  4. Hey Joy....I figured out on my end how to post, I had to add you to Google Reader via Atom posts...thanks for visiting my blog and your kind words..Look forward to your future posts...hugs

  5. hi the changes and i am so glad i can now post here....that red couch is just perfect....i am on my way to florida in the morning and will be enjoying some beachy things around me for a few months....i cant wait....i sure hope you share more of your wonderful home here in blogland....i enjoy my visits so much...lin

  6. Goodness Joy you are on a roll aren't you. I love all your changes and yes, the larger piece is gorgeous and works so much better.
    What a sofa...I need one too but it will wait...I love your choice.

    THANKS FOR THE NICE COMMENT ON MY BLOG...I love seeing you visit.


  7. Hello Dear. Sorry that friends are having trouble leaving you comments. I hope that this one will go through. I love your new hutch and pretty red couch. Your home is so pretty.

    I got a Dell PC last year but I have had problems with it. I would get a Mac if you can afford it. They cost about twice as much as a PC but my kids who have MACs love them. I just got an Apple iPad and it is very user friendly.

    Have a great week. Thanks for always leaving me nice comments. I love hearing from you. Hugs, Lura

  8. Hi Mom O.k. I will try this again. I love your new red couch and hutch. They're really pretty. The red looks so much better than the cream. Much cozier! Hutch is really pretty, too! Will talk to you over the weekend. Hopefully this gets posted; otherwise I'll have to call Gillian in again. Love, Kathy

  9. This is a test from my own computer. If this works then maybe my Internet Explorer problem has been fixed. Sure have been trying lots of stuff!

  10. Oh Joy! I love the red and the cherry! NEVER, EVER paint solid cherry. Your new pieces are beautiful. Wonder why I like your red sofa? hmmmm great taste!lol


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