Monday, January 2, 2012



Before I remove my "Santa" background I thought I'd share some holiday pics from my dear daughter's home in IOWA.  I spent a fun, exciting week visiting her and her family, which has recently increased by one kitten, to add to the 2 Golden Retrievers and one "old" cat.
It's is enough to say there is never a "dull moment" in their home!
But, lots of fun!

Here is their lovely living room tree --  I swear, a "million " lights!  LOL

Here is a Jelly Cupboard that is so old it is leaning.  From No. Carolina where he was stationed at Pope A. F. Base shortly after they were married.

This is an old "radio" cabinet with the legs cut off that belonged to MY grandfather.

How many of you remember "Chatty Cathy" dolls??  I dressed her as MRS. CLAUS several years ago.  (Santa is a "BABY DOLL" who resides with my other daughter).

I had my youngest granddaughter try a pic.of one of the trees through a window as so many of you have.  Not bad for my simple little camera, huh! LOL

This isn't really Christmas, but a patriotic wall she did in her basement and I just love it.  In the center pic. there are (copies) of the Declaration of Independence and Constitution she got at GW for 50 cents each.  We framed 'em on red/star print fabric and don't they look great.  Oh yes, the frame was $5.00 and it is 30" wide!  Looks great on the Tyler Taupe wall!  

This is the other side of the room...that red cabinet used to be "blonde."  See what a little paint can do!

And here is the group that could make it that day!  3 of 5 of my Grand kids, 2 daughters, 1 husband, and 1 "significant other".  (Not mine..He belongs to the daughter on the right at the table.)  

So I was away for 7 days, and got home around midnight and this is how I was greeted.  Well actually he did open ONE eye and I think there was a slight ME-OW.  No sense making a big deal of it right...hey, I'm sleepin' here...keep it down!  Gotta love 'em!

So that is how I spent my Christmas Vacation and had so much fun.  
More on my projects coming in next post!  
Come visit me!
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  1. Joy, I am so happy you were with your daughter and the family and your daughter's home is just BEAUTIFUL!!!

    Her Christmas tree is PERFECT and the picture you took outside looking in was like looking at a Christmas card!
    Happy New Year to you Joy and your family.

  2. Happy New Year Joy! So glad you have a nice holiday with your family! Loved the pictures.

  3. Happy New Year Joy!!Looks like you had a very wonderful Christmas season with the family!! Wishing you blessings in the new year. ~Sara

  4. Welcome back Joy!
    What a beautiful home your daughter has...she takes right after mom!
    Such a nice looking family group - now why wasn't mom in the shot?
    Happy New Year

  5. What a great way to spend your Christmas vacation. My sister had a Chatty Cathy...I think she wore it out, the pull cord just plain broke. My Santa is an Arnetts and I got it from the Country Store of Geneva. I loved Loretta's from Under the Wild Cherry trees, so I goggled where hers came from. Just watch out for lazy neighbors.....

  6. So glad you had a wonderful time. Your daughters are beautiful, just like you. So are your grands. Loved her home. She needs to blog!lol How are you feeling? Better I hope.

  7. Hi Mom. Well this is my second attempt at posting a comment; hope it works. The pics you took turned out really well. House looks pretty good if I do say so myself or maybe it's the photographer! It was sure fun having you here for Christmas and it was nice we were able to get out due to such nice weather. Time went by way too fast as usual, however. Looking forward to May for graduation.

    1. Hi Kathy: Yippee! It worked! Now I wish I had taken more pictures of the rest of the house as it all looked so pretty. I had a great time and can't wait to come back in May.

  8. You have such nice prim treasures! I too had a Chatty Kathy doll. It brings back memories. I love your blog and will visit often.


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