Monday, October 11, 2010

The Big Change from"CA" to "PRIM"

Well here is the "old look" or what I call "The California Look," lots of white and light and airy.  Over the years my family had always been subject to transfer and I always had to decorate with "reselling" in mind.  When we moved to California I thought I would add a little color and a few "Prim" accessories as that was my true style.  So the house had been white walls and woodwork until about 10 years ago when I got up my courage and, starting with one room at a time, gradually added "light, neutral" colors to the walls.  
I have never lived in one house as long as this one and could feel myself getting the urge to change something!  Reading other blogs, Country Sampler, Judy Condon's books and of course, a Primitive Place I was really starting to plan what I was going to do.  
Well, it all started like this:  We have a wonderful "wholesale-to-the-public" fabric store and I just  happened to see some lovely "neutral" Casement yard goods for a fantastic price.  Well, I couldn't pass up a real bargain now, could I???   LOL  I think By the time I got it, with all the specials, discounts and deductions it was down to a tiny amount so I quickly figured up the needed yardage and away I went with my treasure.  I had just planned to change PART of my window treatments and thought: "No Big Deal."  Wrong!  I got home and REALLY LOOKED AT THE ROOM and decided that it looked too busy for me.  So down came the checked valances and the muslin side panels.  As I looked around the room with a critical eye I decided that "yes, it was too busy looking and it really needed a make-over."  
Favorite contractors were called and my favorite seamstress got to work.
Not to mention Mr. S.O. and me!

So here the contractor had partly finished adding "bead-board" to the fireplace wall 

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