Friday, July 25, 2014

IKEA BARGAINS...Can you believe it...`

Don't be surprised to read today's post....not at all like any of my others
But there is a reason...
This bad girl (my computer) has been away
 for a couple of days
This poor 3 year old baby had multiple problems
and her poor
 Mother (ME)
was about to lose it!
She has returned home and her poor Mother
is not sure whether they were able
to return her in "fixed" condition.
So I decided to take it easy on her
until she starts acting 
So if you see something odd 
or up-side-down or in italics or just plain missing
 and not making sense, please bear with me!
I am going to go for it
and write a short post!

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

I am going to tell you about two bargains I picked up at IKEA.
I love a bargain and was so excited about these two items.
Usually when I go to IKEA I come out with a
receipt a couple of feet long!  Well, I did this time, too.
Sorry, I digress...
but there were actually two items on there for 
$1.99 each!!!
Yes, I said $1.99, yes at IKEA!!!
Here is a super organizer-life-saver-frustration-preventer
and under sink cleaner-upper.
It's a simple fixture to hang up, in a cabinet, or a closet
or in my case, in the garage.
Stickers on the tools required!
You shove the crumpled up bags in the top and pull them out through the slots 
in the front.
I tried it today just to see if it works!
Those Swedish People are awesome!
Get one for will love it!
A bag-holder, not a "Swedish People"!  LOL  ;-)
Silly Me!

And now for the second thing I found...It is funny how you can walk through that store
and see several things that are not immediately identifiable and you just move along.
Well, there was a friendly employee nearby who noticed my confusion and
she sweetly offered:
"Those are Lap-Top Lifters" (for $1.99)
piled "every which way in a huge bin"
Who Knew!

So I brought one home and my typing skills have improved amazingly!
My keyboards' keys are right up against each other 
and my fingers have a life of their own sometimes!
This is how it looks sans lap-top.

And this is how it nicely raises the lap-top to a perfect slant.
(Whoo-hoo..looks like it cleaned up my desk, too!  LOL)

See what I mean about the flat-right-up-against each-other keys!
(I also have a little 10" ASUS, for travel, where the keys are beveled...
so much easier to type on!)

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

This has been my "little trial, give this girl a chance to recover
POST" for today
not all of my life has been GRIEF over a "Sick" computer, 
check out the next picture!

I would like to introduce you all to my second
who arrived in this world on June 2
and, of course 
her daddy, NICK
holding her in his famous "football hold"
which, by the way,
works amazingly well for fussy time!
She joins her brother, Colin
who turned two on June 1st!

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

Well, my friends, I hope this little post goes through and if so,
this sweet machine will be kicking out
more posts about my house and
what I have been up to lately.

If you like this post please leave me a comment if you can
 and I thank you all for following me
and your comments.

Until next time...{{HUGS}}


  1. Aww juniper is so sweet..
    Thinking of you so much my dear..
    Sweet hugs x

  2. Hi Joy....nice to see you here and wow what great things from Ikea...only been to that store maybe 2 times ever....there's one in Schaumburg, IL...about an hour from here...maybe one day we'll head that way.
    What a sweet little! Congratulations

  3. It is good to see you posting. I think that little one would make anyone smile


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