Thursday, April 24, 2014


...because even though I have been here 4 and a half months, there is still so much to do.  Boxes are still stacked in the garage and in some cases "to the ceiling."
I actually could SEE my EASTER decorations in a tub but there were 4 more stacked on top of them. 
So, what did I do? you ask..
I used my ingenuity, imagination, and resourcefulness,
brain and hit the Dollar Store for a couple of things, scoured the house for whatever HAD been unpacked and we
"Winged It"

! * ! * ! * ! * ! * ! * ! * ! * !

But I digress...this is supposed to be about the kitchen 
so here goes.

After you have come in the front door you make a right turn and you see these pictures.  Would you believe they have hung in every kitchen in the last 6 or 7 houses.  The one reads, 
"Pillsbury Flour Mills Company."  Minneapolis, Minnesota
Cool. 'eh

Then, make another right and you see the Eating Area.  Now I don't want to say it is "roomy" but I have, besides the table and chairs, 4 small cabinets and a built-in desk.  The 8 x 10 braided rug I had in my old great room is under the table.

Besides the Bay Window there are 2 large windows on the side
of the room.  Even though this home is far larger then the old, wall space is short so I had to be inventive in finding places for things I want to display. So, as "they" say:  "If you can't go out, go UP."
So that's what I did... 

Over the Bay Window...

and over the side windows!

I picked  up this little cabinet to display a set of miniature Transferware Dishes...
remember that darling Great Grand Son I have...
Well, he likes to put spoons, measuring cups and what-all in there.
So much for my little dishes...

I saw a display similar to this on PINTEREST and couldn't wait to adapt it to what I have...I love it and get so many good ideas.

And in this corner we have a little pine cupboard that I had shipped back from Cape Cod.
(How do you like my idea of a SOUVENIR?)

So now we are looking at the other end of this kitchen.  Did I mention this room is 22 feet long!
And Oh, that Island...I am in love!

Over the island I HAD to have a Pot Rack...well
maybe a cup rack is how it turned out.  LOL

Here is really the working area, who? me? WORK in the kitchen???
I thought it was just a place for more decorating...HA!

I had to show you this, close up...Doesn't the area by the phone always become a huge mess?  Well mine ALWAYS was a mess
until I brought out this little shelf,that used to be in the bathroom over the faucet, to hold all the "stuff."

This is the "impossible" corner...I have had about 5 or 6 different things in this corner...Hang in there with me...I will get it right some day!

What to put above the cabinets you ask?  
Well you can see what I have. 
And you can see I need some more!
OOPS!  The one on the frig. needs to be move up!  LOL

This old cabinet used to be in the hall in CA.  Here it fits nicely in the kitchen holding my transferware. 

Here's a "close-up" of the "old" Cookie Jar that was my MIL's.
She had it on her kitchen table (back in the early 50's when I first met my DH) filled with pretzel sticks.  
I kept it that way, with pretzel sticks, for many, many years.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

Well, dear friends, I hope you enjoyed the rather disjointed tour of my new home. It does take forever to get a place the way you like to see it but if I can do it, so can you!

Leave me a comment if you don't have to run off and decorate some area of your home!  
I read them all and try to respond!
Thanks, and yes, winter will be over soon...
I guessing July! 


  1. It is beautiful Joy. LOVE the bay windows and all that light. Karena and her husband are sick and can't come south today. I don't know if they will be able to make the trip until next week. I was so disappointed, but it will happen another time. Keep us in the loop on the decorating. So far I think you have it

  2. As always, your house looks amazing!!! You have worked your magic, in yet one more, can I hire you to do mine, please?

    Love you!

  3. Wow it's so beautiful
    Big hugs x

  4. I love your kitchen, and very creative on the pot rack, wish I could come over for a cup of tea! The walls are a beautiful color, and it's a comfort to see that my favorite red cabinet found a wonderful home there in the kitchen. I can't wait to see more rooms. Your home is looking fantastic!

  5. Joy, what a great blog you have! So happy I found you (and vice versa)! You house tour is fabulous! So many wonderful farmhouse touches... my favorite!!!!

  6. Sorry I didn't see this post Joy - I just haven't been blog hopping much lately.
    I hope it's just a phase with me cuz I sure do love blogging.
    Love all you have's really quite a change from your California home isn't it:


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