Friday, August 16, 2013

A New Kitchen for Joy...

Hey, wanna see my new least it's mine for a while, but we will talk about that another time!
Here is my OLD kitchen table area...

And here is my NEW kitchen table area.  I repainted the front wall from Red to Benjamin Moore's HC-43 Tyler Taupe to match the rest of the walls.  We tore out the old light-colored wood floor that was really beat up and added a new laminate floor that is very close to what is in the rest of my house.

This is the black cabinet you can see on the left side on the "before" picture.  I love black but was going for a lighter, brighter, cleaner look so I had it painted Benjamin Moore HC 26 Monroe Bisque to match the kitchen cabinets with (as you can see) a RED interior.  (Need my "fix" of red!  HA!)

But, as you can see in the "after" picture I removed the TV from the corner and another small stand from the opposite corner.  Well, I wanted the TV on this cabinet and it was a bit too tall, so my wonderful contractor, Mike, came to my rescue: he raised it several inches and then he didn't like the way it looked so he added the beautiful trim molding to it.  What a guy! He is a sweet Christian man with a darling family who does so much for everyone.  He even took my old appliances to Habitat For Humanity for me!  Am I lucky or what! 

So since I cleared out the corners I still needed a little "display space" and wouldn't you know it but my good friend, Arlene (see my May post-her new kitchen) had this BEAUTIFUL Pennsylvania Bench she wanted to sell!  Again, how lucky can I be.  It is 96 inches long (front window is 100 inches) and it is a lovely old blue with a wood top.  Oh my heart, so perfect for the space!

OK, back to the old kitchen...don't get me wrong, I did like it but after several years of a LOT OF RED decided I needed to "neutralize."  So here's the "stove area...

and here's the "sink" at the end...

But here is the "NEW" clean, simple and "today" looking.

And here is a shot of the area above the stove and microwave.  There are lights up there and I cleared several  things off.  Much neater now...all the main items are white.

Here is another situation Mike corrected.  When the appliances were delivered I noticed that the side of the Stainless Refrigerator was an ugly gray!  UGH!  Looked terrible and that is what you could see from the great room!  MORE UGH!  So Mike suggested he build a "wall" at the side and (this was a bonus!) that he would pull the cabinet that was above the Frig. forward so I could reach it!  I never could and always had to get a ladder to get into that cabinet.  Well, now only about 4 inches of the "ugly" gray is showing (just enough for a small memo pad) and I am so happy!  I thought Stainless Refrigerators were stainless all over..what do I know...I have to get out more!  HA!    

And now, instead of "getting out more" I am home reading how to work all these lovely appliances.  When I first ran the dishwasher I kept leaning down to hear if it was running and today I couldn't figure out how to use the timer on the stove (I was baking for the first time) and so I used the timer on the Micro.  Well, I was in the other end of the house and didn't hear it go off with it's lovely little chime so I burned the brownies...Anyone for Rock-hard-chocolate bars???

So there you are; what I have been busy with for the past 3 weeks.
Before I go I want to thank all of you for leaving a comment, Readers, and Followers!
You really make my day!


  1. Wow Joy !!! This is absolutely beautiful. Love the neutral look of the cabinets. Your color choices are right on. That was wonderful that your old applicances were donated. Have fun learning and playing with your new stuff.

  2. As you know I love red, but your kitchen is perfect. I LOVE the new look. The table w/o a table cloth looks so clean and simple. The whole room is just gorgeous. You have done a wonderful redo and that bench. Perfect. You are blessed to have your Mike. Are you going to sell? Where would you go? Closer to the girls? Inquiring minds, (aka nosy friends) want to I am so read to make some changes, as it looks as if my house isn't going to sell. It comes out of the realtor late next month

  3. Oh my....what a wonderful new kitchen you have. I love all the changes. How nice for you. You must be so excited for the new look and all the nice new appliances. I'm happy for you. Hugs, Lura

  4. Hi Mom I really like how the kitchen looks with the lower cabinets painted the same as the upper now. Kind of looks like my kitchen. Maybe I should go with Tyler Taupe paint, too? I liked how it looked with the red, but this definitely is a clean, fresh look that is really pretty! And the stainless appliances really do look good. Now I want those, too! Talk to you soon. Love, Kathy

  5. I love the new kitchen! It looks larger than before and with the neutral pallet you can introduce other colors. I can just imagine it all decked out for Christmas, and the fourth of July. Always love to see what you are doing, thanks for sharing Joy!

  6. Love the bench!! I'm looking for one for our kitchen, but those benches aren't sold over here. We'll have to make one ourselves.


  7. Well dear lady as you know I am always late with blog visits...but so glad I finally got to this post.
    I LOVE YOUR KITCHEN AND DINING AREA...oh the white is so clean and fresh looking. And it goes so well with the new appliances.
    What kind of dishwasher did you buy - we are looking for one too and go from LG to Whirlpool...can't make up our minds. Consumer report says this particular model of LG is the best one to buy and the price is okay too.

  8. oh your new kitchen......what a difference it I really want to lighten mine all that you do.....

  9. Love your new looks amazing. I also love the shutters on your windows. They would be perfect for our windows!

  10. I love your kitchen. I keep trying to convince JWS to let me paint my kitchen cabinets and he is not budging. They are old 70's wood and good cabinets and would look awesome painted like yours. Someday, he is going to go away....and I am going to live by, easier to ask forgiveness than beg permission!


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