Tuesday, July 23, 2013


Hi all My Pretties who are so patient with me for not posting often enough!  But I am finally here with some stuff I think you will like.  You know I gave you a "Sneak Peek" at part of a room in my last post...well, so much for sneak peeks...
Will it ever be you ask?  
Yes, but I have been having so much fun with the newly remodeled and decorated
that I still can't seem to get to that guest room/office!
I guess I need to have "overnight company" and that will get it done in a flash!  LOL

But I digress...about three weeks ago my favorite contractor, Mike Bates was available so we made the decision to re-do the Sun room as 15 years with those same colors, carpet and "dumping ground" had taken its toll...

Here is Mike figuring out what to do first...that carpet is really nasty and there could be "water" issues as it is built right on the patio!

So he brought in these underlayments with a rubber grid on the bottom which holds the "new floor" up off of the concrete.  I told you this guy is smart!

Well, no decent "remodel" can not affect the rest of the house!  Here is a pic of my "great Room" with all the Sun Room furniture and "stuff" crammed into it. 
 Can you say: "Hoarder"  HA!

OK, here is the first picture of the new "Pine floor" which I dearly love!  

This is looking out the sliding door on the WEST (HOT) side of the porch.  And, before you ask if I got a dog...which I would LOVE to have...no, but that one is quiet, doesn't bark, require food or walks...and he makes me happy.  
He is just happy looking out the door!

This is a lovely antique pine table I bought from Arlene; my friend whose kitchen I featured in my last post.  Just a great spot to sit with the morning paper and a cup 'o coffee.
The chair is from a consignment shop; I reupholstered the seat with part of an old pillow.
Do you like it?

Here's a shot looking toward the west and there's that dog again...he probably wants to go out!

This is the opposite corner...oops! I didn't think those pillows would take up so much room!
But it still is just a "cozy" corner!

I had to give you a "close-up" of this Poinsettia plant!  It was a gift about 2 weeks before last Christmas and it is STILL alive!  Can you believe it?  

So here are some of my favorite Benjamin Moore Historic Colors that I considered when I needed to make a decision for new colors.  Now I think most of you  know I am a Certified Color Consultant and actually can go into a client's home and choose a color "in the blink of an eye."  HA!  Not so for myself!  I think I can start a "Paint Sample Store" with all the samples I bought before I made the big decision!  I don't what it is...when it is for myself, who knows but it ain't easy, folks!
But I got the job done and used HC-34, Wilmington Tan on the three window walls and HC-35, Powell Buff on the new Ship-lap paneling which now covers the ugly stucco, even if it was RED!
I was going for a simpler, lighter, less cluttered look and I even removed some furniture and love all the space I now have!       

This is looking toward the east side and I now have the TV in the red "jelly cupboard" 
and love having it "hidden."

Here's a close up of the unframed canvas of the little girl and the dog which I have had for years and have had it hung in several rooms of past homes.
I love it and hope you have enjoyed it and my reveal of the 

Please leave me a comment and I will be sure to visit you, too!


  1. Awesome Joy ! Love the colors you picked, the flooring, etc. My parents house had a sunroom..so I grew up with one. My house now doesn't have one and I so dearly would love one...I miss it. Thanks for sharing the great pics.

  2. Joy, it is absolutely beautiful. I could sit there and have a cup of coffee and relax. You have such beautiful things and I love the colors.

  3. joy.......I ......love.....it.......love the floor color....love the whites with the pop of reds...and the fresh look of everything.....you did a great job.....I also love the dog.....that is the way to go with traveling so much...one that can stay home alone...lol....now I can't wait to get started decorating....I have some big news coming soon.....

  4. Hi Mom the sunroom really looks great. Love the new floor and all the white accessories and the "simpler" look of things. Hmmm, makes me want to change a few things at my house now! I especially love your new doggie - what's his name? Love, Kathy

  5. hello dear, its me cucki from south africa.
    a happy new follower of your sweet blog.
    your house is looking so beautiful.
    sending you hugs x

  6. The sunroom looks great. How nice and cozy it will be this fall. I love the new floor and paint colors.


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