Friday, May 17, 2013


Hello my lovelies!
Did I ever tell you we have a "Friendship Group" here at Sun City by the name of "Home Dec"
We meet in member's homes and sometimes have a speaker and sometimes just do an activity or take a field trip.  Well this month I decided we should have some "Fun with White Plates."
So each member was asked to bring a colorful placemat, napkin, and small luncheon-size plate and cup or colorful glassware.  Well, here are the results of that meeting:  

Everyone set out their contributions and made place settings that were lovely.  But then, the fun began.  We all switched the plates, napkins and glassware and made more place settings!

Then we did it again...

And again!  It was so much fun to see What You Can Do with a White Plate!

Now I have to say we had 26 women milling around 4 tables so we had to be careful not to trip each other!

Two real sweethearts...

Here is a picture of two of my dear friends; Carolynn is on the left and Mary Ellen is on the right.
Sadly, Mary Ellen has just been diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer so we all said a prayer and did a healing of hands for her.  She is so sweet and can use all the prayers you can give.

Some other friends were snacking in the kitchen, no doubt hearing all about Arlene's NEW KITCHEN, (Arlene is the one in the yellow tee) which is right below...

This is a "Before" shot but after new appliances were installed.  How we all thought our kitchens were just fine 16 years ago!

And this is the beautiful "After" shot.  The cabinets were painted a lovely cream color as she has the same color Corian countertops.  The painter then "Antiqued" them just a tiny have to be careful with can make cream or white look dirty.  Arlene's cabinets are gorgeous!

And here's another "awful" "before" shot...UGH!

Can you believe the difference!!!  Her entire home is lovely...certainly not Primitive but a wonderful mix of Colonial with a tiny bit of Oriental.  A beautiful, very comfortable home!  Arlene is an accomplished artist and has small bits of her work displayed in her home.  I wish you could see it all someday...maybe I will ask her for a "tour" for about that!

* ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ *

Well, my pretties, that is it for today...I am getting on a plane at 8:30 tomorrow morning to head out to Minneapolis to see one of my beautiful Grand daughters graduate (with Honors, I might add) from 
The University of Minnesota!
I am so happy for her and a proud Grandma!
Then, I will stay in Minnesota for about another week and will travel down to Ankeny, Iowa where my other daughter and family live.  There I will be treated to a marvelous "Dance Recital" in
which my 16 year old Grand daughter will perform.
It gets better than ever every year and it is so much fun.

Then back to reality on June 10, but I have to say I will be happy to see friends (including Mr. S. O.) and sleep in my own bed!
Isn't it fun to go away, but it is always nice to come home!

Keep well and thank you to all for all the sweet comments and to my followers, both old and new!


  1. What a clever and fun group activity. I would never have thought of doing that. What a nice group of friends. I am sending best wishes for Mary Ellen.
    Your friends new kitchen make over is beautiful. It makes such a big difference.
    Have a great trip and graduation congrats to your grand and enjoy the dance recital... I know you will. Hugs, Lura

  2. Prayers for your friend.What a fun group. I think you live such a fun life. It is always good to see you posting.

  3. Can't wait for you to get back and posting again. Hugs,Lura

  4. Wow ~ what a difference in that kitchen! Amazing how white brightens everything up so much. Looks like you had a wonderful time too ~ hope all else is great!

  5. Hello, Joy...thanks for visiting Mugwump Woolies. I appreciate your kind words.
    Your friend's new kitchen looks great!
    The flag wrapped around my door basket is a standard size 3ft. by 5ft. It is old and tattered. I folded it over several times lengthwise and then wrapped it around the basket.
    Hope you will visit again soon.
    Enjoy the evening,


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