Sunday, April 28, 2013

Home Tour Three AND Taking care of Business!

Well, it's about time!  Finally Home Tour Three has been a long time sorry for that!  But here it is, hopefully for your enjoyment!
This is the entry hall and you can see all the way through to the sun-porch, which, since it has been a "dumping ground" this winter, I can't show it to you yet. And to the right is the kitchen which you've seen before so don't go there...

At the end of the entry we will make a left turn to the "bedroom hall" where you will see an old mid-century china cabinet I was an ugly "orange-y" color which drove me crazy so I painted the inside with Old Village Mustard and the outside with Old Village Cranberry.  Then I removed the wooden (warped and wiggly) shelves and had glass ones made with wooden trim on the front edges (so they would look like wood from the front) and had LED lights installed at the top.  Now the whole cabinet is lighted and looks so nice at the end of the hall with my Red Transferware dishes displayed.   Do you like it?

Now, just before we get to the china cabinet, we will see the "Guest Bath" on the left.  It is an "inside" bath with no window so I had a Solar Tube Skylight installed.  Many times during the day I pass by and "try to turn off the light" but it is just the sun streaming in.  Fools guests, too!  LOL

And by the way, it doesn't show in the pictures, but the CEILING IS RED!

Now come straight out of the bathroom and make a little jog and you can look in and see right into

That is a 10 foot wide bay window and the rocker is the first piece of furniture my dear husband and I bought when he got out of the Army (in 1952) for our first "real" apartment.  It was, Ethan Allen, black with beautiful stenciling but over the years it has been red, white and now I had it stripped and stained so it is dark wood grain.  The sewing cabinet, too, which is where I kept small toys at my grandmother's, has been many colors too (remember when we "antiqued" everything?)  LOL  Now it has been stripped and  re-stained back to its original walnut.  Now I keep prescriptions in it...looks like it has come FULL CIRCLE!  HA!

And here is a new view of my beloved pencil post bed.  I got the picture from a wonderful lady who had it in her home when her house was in Country Sampler.  I called and asked where she got it and it so happened she has a Country store, I think in Michigan and she got one for me!
Country people are the BEST!

So at this point you've seen straight ahead and to the left...moving to the left of the bed is the master bath (aren't baths the hardest to phograph!)  Anyway, it serves the purpose...

from the other end...(I stood in the shower!)  LOL

and the wall opposite the vanity.  It is wallpapered up to a high peg rail/shelf and I had the "bucket" bench  made by a gal in N.Y. state...

Now we will move out of the bath, turn right and you will see a favorite piece...a beautiful hand made chimney cupboard made by a darling oriental man who is close to his 90's!  He even made a tiny wooden peg that holds the door shut!

Here is the built-in I had made that took almost 6 months to complete!  It was a "Murphy's Law" If anything can go wrong it will and it did.  Contractor and I both had vacations planned, we changed the hinges twice (some were defective) and I couldn't choose hardware...on and on...
But it is finished now and I now have storage space up the wazoo...some of the drawers and cabinets are even still empty!  There are lights at the top behind the bubble glass doors and LED's above the arch.
Six of my Ironstone pitchers are behind the upper doors and to me it looks like an old built-in that would have been in an old farmhouse!  YEA!

and here's a couple of close-ups of the family pictures I am able to display

this one, on the left is daughter's:  first day of school, Birth pictures and when they were in high school and gave us this picture for our 25th Wedding Anniversary party they threw for us.  They are still just as beautiful to me in their 50's!

Well, friends, that is the end of my little tour. There is one more room, my office/guest room which has recently been repainted and is "not ready" yet.  I promise it will happen soon...I always say that, don't I,  LOL but every day I do something in there and mess up another area...But before I leave...

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~


First of all:  A HUGE THANK YOU TO MY NEW FOLLOWERS.  If I have not contacted you to thank you and really see who you are it is because either I can't figure out how to get past Google "Friend Connect" or something.  Each time I get a new follower I "jump through Hoops" to try to thank you and I get stopped in my tracks.

Don't laugh but I accidentally deleted my whole BLOG LIST!  I have been re-building it but if you want to be on it please e-mail me and I will put you on!
And while we are on that subject,
you will notice that I don't just have a Blog List of just Primitives.  While I was unable to post, I spent a ton of time reading blogs on other subjects and found them interesting...I have a lot of I have added them to mine. Hope you Primitive friends don't mind and will still be my friend!  
And last but certainly not least...I have had help with my Blog from redesigning it to 
"Telephone Tutorials" 

in my "Blog List"
She is Amazing!

All for now my lovelies
Happy Spring!



  1. Everything looks wonderful.
    What a beautiful home you have.
    Thanks so much for the tour.

  2. I must say.. you have really outdone yourself with this home, everything looks so nice and very homey...oh my that built is just the sheep picture only complaint is that you are gone for way to long in between glad to see this post today....I love your blog...

  3. You do have a beautiful home. I was so happy to see you had posted. I should have e-mailed you, but figured you were busy as usual. I loved the tour. Everything is perfectly beautiful.

  4. Your pictures look great, what a beautiful home you have Joy. I am so lucky to have been to the house and seen it in person. Your master bedroom is my favorite. I love what you did with the built in cabinet. Love your blog!

  5. What a nice tour, Mom. Everything looks really good. Your bedroom looks great and the new built in looks wonderful, too. I still want that sheep picture you know! Will it fit in your suitcase?!?! Love, Kathy :)

  6. Oh my dear Joy, what a beautiful home you have!!! Every room is picture perfect. I love your decorating ability and style. I would never think of opening the door of a cabinet and hanging a quilt on it like you did.... So pretty... I'm glad you are blogging again. I miss you when you are away. Have a great week. Hugs, Lura

  7. P.S. I LOVE the new built in cabinet. Wish I had one just like it!

  8. You invited me to visit, and now I feel like I know you already. :-) You opened your door and welcomed me right in! I love your pencil-post bed, and I'd never seen a chimney cupboard, so I enjoyed that introduction. So many little treasures tucked here and there. Thank you for the home tour!


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