Thursday, December 20, 2012


Merry Christmas to all my wonderful friends and blog buddies!  
This post will be a little different...first of all...there are three posts and I have to admit that is because blogger gives me fits when it comes to adding 8 or more pictures.  I think I have tried all the tricks to stop that from happening but so far no luck reversing that problem...
so...("SHE," thought, (she being ME) I will fix Mr. Blogger, it HAS TO BE A MR., RIGHT?
but I digress...that is a whole new post!
Anyway, if you are truly my friends you will have to set aside some time (sorry about the busy season, etc.) and, well, get a cup of coffee. put your feet up and (continue reading) as some of those fancy blogs say...  

This is where I am fortunate enough to live...A lovely 
Retirement Community for Active Adults.  This is the Front Entrance and it is a shame it was so cloudy on that day.  In our area we average only about less than 50 days a year of 
not sunny...Of course if it rains all winter that changes.
(Sorry for the yield sign, but I wanted to show you the pansies and daisy ground cover that grows all winter.)  Are we lucky or what!

We have waterfalls on either side of the main entrance and it is so pretty.

This is a picture of our main lodge not including the Fitness Center
where some of us try to "keep fit."

And this is how you get into it...

Our beautiful Christmas Tree...but I am sure you figured that out!  DUH!

There is also a lovely fireplace right to the right of the tree but "someone" seems to have "deleted" that picture...can't say who that was, but let's just say, "I am the only one who uses this computer...must have been one of the gremlins who love to mess me up."

My house didn't get much more than my Feather Tree up..thus no Christmas picture...
I am leaving for Minnesota 
(Brrrrr) and Iowa tomorrow morning and will return early in January, So
and now...grab your coffee and read on...there are two more posts that go with this one
so have fun my lovelies, leave me a comment if you can
 and I will see you next year!


  1. Joy, you certainly live in a beautiful place. It almost makes me want to come and winter with you!lol Those trees are gorgeous, I think my favorite was the flocked one, but they were all so pretty. BTW I have lost your # so when you get home in Jan e-mail me again. Blogger hates Seniors! I couldn't even post a pix for over 2 weeks. I would write my post, email Lynne the picture and she would post it, then I would publish the blog post when I wanted it. Merry Christmas my friend.Enjoy those grands and the great!

  2. Looks like a great place to live! Kathy

  3. Hi Joy, that looks like a beautiful place! I'm glad to be visiting again. Did the design of your blog change?



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