Tuesday, July 31, 2012


OK, so you saw on my last post how my life was being changed by that simple little gadget I found that lets my plant go up and down for proper tending, watering, etc.  Well, can you believe that several weeks went by and those darling little petunias were as happy as they could be, getting water, sun and sweet words from me.  What else could they do but "grow" and start to fill that pot and make me a (surprised) happy camper!  Now let's face it...growing stuff isn't in my bag of tricks, but when these little sweethearts grew and grew I was in heaven!  Oh,, I thought,the possibilities were endless:  petunias in the summer, mums in the fall, cyclamen in the winter, sweet peas in the spring...Oh the neighbors will be envious and I will finally earn my worth for the outside of my house!  These little babies were so healthy... 

and then one day...BOOM!  What did I see but little holes in the beautiful white flowers!
ACH!  Something was eating my gorgeous flowers!  How dare they!  Who gave them permission!  Who asked them to visit my porch!
What to do...what to do.
Well, I am no dummy so I went to the storage cabinet in the garage and spent about an hour reading directions on how to get rid of "little hungry critters!"
Finally,  I decided on one that promised to spoil their appetites for "beautiful healthy flowers" in a matter of hours.  Hey, this was an emergency...time was a-wasting...

oh my gosh, look at that!  That's the sorriest  hanging basket I have seen (since last year!  LOL)
But, seriously, those little SPIDER MITES have HUGE APPETITES and I can't imagine how they got up there.  So, as unhappy as I am to show you this MESS, bear with me...Lord knows I am dead-heading, watering, trimming and generally whispering sweet nothings to them and I think, just think, they will re-start to grow and not look so sad.  
And then, to round out the story...it is now over 100 degrees here! 
Maybe I should stick to the inside???  LOL

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I want you to meet my
(Remember my granddaughter's wedding I showed you last summer, well, look at what happened!)
He is a sweetheart and doing very well.  He was born June 1st (but I didn't have any good enough pictures to post until now.)  He was small, 5 lbs.15 oz and only 19 inches but he is gaining now.
I will travel to MN. to see him in Sept... I can hardly wait.

I hope you enjoyed my "Good, Bad and Beautiful" post today.

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I want to let those who are interested you can get one of those little 
Plant Risers
(800) 551-2843
they are only $4.00 for 2
Now if they could just figure out how to keep the "critters" out of the plant they would really have something!

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  1. I know just how you feel. I think I have a 'black' thumb. Nothing grows for very long around here. Hopefully, you got the critters and they will be long gone for your cute little pot. And, what a handsome great grandson. Don't they get cuter as we get older?

  2. Hi Joy,
    What a handsome G-grandson. How exciting. And 100 degrees is terrible for gardening in. Stay inside.
    Miss Ellie

  3. I wonder if you spray with insecticidal soap on a reqular basis if it would prevent bugs from getting your flowers, they looked like they were doing so good.

    Congrats on the new G-son.

  4. Hi Joy. I was going to e-mail you to see what you are up to. Now I know. Waging war on critters. I love my pull down thingy too. That great is beautiful. I am home for a while, so may have to give you a call. Take care.

  5. Just came across your blog and have enjoyed reading your posts...

  6. What a cute little guy! I am thrilled for you. Enjoying your blog. Jonelle'

  7. What a sweet baby, Congrats. Sorry about your plant. Wish I could help but I don't have much luck at gardening. Hugs, Lura

  8. Joy how did I miss this post...oh your gr-grandson is just adorable.
    Miss seeing you posting dear lady.

  9. What a lovely homey blog. Feels like I walked into a warm home with yummy goodys baking. Im a fellow satisfied customer of plumroselane and wanted to say hello and see your blog. Its so pretty. Also congratulations on your adorable grandson. I look forward to reading more of your blogs. Happy creating and holidays. Kimberly @ www.Kimisjewelryandgifts.blogspot.com


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