Monday, October 24, 2011


So let's go "forward" a little and see what colors we will see in a few weeks.  It has been so warm here that, except for a few leaves falling, everything is still as green as "summertime"

And "NOW" 
(Read fast, so you won't get too bored, or fall asleep!  LOL)

AGE:  So why couldn't you have asked me that before September!!!  Let's just say I slid out of the seventys, kicking and screaming all the way and am loving every minute of it!
BED:  My dream Queen Size Black Pencil Post
CHORE I HATE: Cleaning Toilets...doesn't everyone!
DOG:  Oh don't I wish.  I love dogs!  Used to raise Mini Dachshunds.  Fun! Fun! Fun!
FAVORITE COLOR:  I would have to say "RED" with "BLUE" a close 2nd
GOLD OR SILVER:  Silver!  With this hair???   LOL:.
HEIGHT:  5 ft., 6 inches
INSTRUMENTS I PLAY:  None for me but Mr. S.O. plays guitar and we sing together.  Does that count?
JOB TITLE:  Interior Re-designer, Color Consultant, Retired Admin., Mom, Grandma, friend.  Wow, no wonder I am so tired!  LOL
KIDS:  Two beautiful daughters
LIVE IN:  Northern California, but hail from Illinois and Minnesota
MAKE OF CAR:  A beautiful Honda CRV


NICKNAMES:  Joyful and Joyous
OVERNIGHT HOSPITAL STAY: Two kids, Breast Cancer and One broken knee repaired.
PET PEEVE: Bad Drivers on Cell Phones.  It's illegal here to drive and use a cell phone!!!
QUOTE FROM A MOVIE:  "I'll have what she's having!" from "When Harry Met Sally"  Loved It!
RIGHT OR LEFT HANDED:  Left, but play golf and knit right handed
SIBLINGS: One dear brother who passed away too young from Cancer. :-(
T.V.SHOWS:  Favorite right now is "Sarah's House" on HGTV on Saturdays.  She is so smart, entertaining and a good decorator.  They explain the "why" of making the choices they do.  Love it and try not to miss it.
UNDERWEAR:  "What you get when you stop believing in Santa."  (Fooled ya, didn't I!)  LOL
VEGETABLES I HATE:  That's a "no-brainer" for me:  Cooked Spinach..
WHAT MAKES ME LATE:  I don't allow enough time to get ready!  Used to do a "5-minute-face" but if you refer to "A" above, you will see why.  More stuff to hide all those silly things that appear overnight!  LOL
X-RAYS: Yes, from Brain, "Nope, there's nothing there" to Knee, ":Yep, it's broken alright."
YUMMY FOOD I MAKE:  Everything I make is yummy, or at least Mr. S..O. better say so!  LOL  But I do make a great Coconut cake...with the kind help of Betty Crocker, of course!  LOL  Hey, she's the PRO!
ZOO:  Well, my house has been known to be a zoo when the girls were still home, but for animals at the ZOO, I            really like to watch the Giraffes; they are fascinating to me.  And no "double chins" on those long necks!  LOL

So I need to thank all the bloggers who have done this on their blogs; 
some have even given prizes for it which
is really cool.
the names of some that I have seen are:
Renee, Tammy, Betty, Misi and
(oh, well, refer again to "A" and see why I forgot the others)
See, it's great to get "more mature"  HA!  because everyone expects me to be a little nutty!
And I Am!  So There!
But I am sure having fun...

I will leave you with that until next time.
A huge project going on right now but can't show it yet???





Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Hi Everyone and Hey You, out there shaking her head, yes this is another post from me in less than two weeks!  Miracles DO HAPPEN and Welcome to The Olde Farmhouse!

As I  mentioned in my last post Lori Barnard and I have been e-mailing for about a year regarding me visiting her store and (and my darling daughters and I) were finally able to make the trip for my Birthday!  
So here is a little tour of  her store and a little about her

This is the 18th Century Log Cabin that they moved from Ohio.  Like they say in the magazines:  "We numbered the logs and just put 'em back together on our property."  It is a sight to see and they actually lived in it while their "real" house was being built.
I can hardly imagine that whole scenario, but they did it and the setting is perfect. Now for 

A few inside shots....where we spent over 3 hours!  LOL
But there was so MUCH TO SEE!

This is the "upstairs" with a low ceiling and steep stairs...

Back downstairs for more delicious treasures

and did I mention it was her 
delicious refreshments

and here is sweet Lori thanking me for coming!
WOW!  Who should be thanking who???
We had such a fun day!

So of course when you get home from such an inspiring shopping trip, you are always ready to "do a project, right!  Well, we are talking STARCHED CHICKENS here!  LOL
Did you know you can apply fabric to walls, cabinets or furniture with good old "STA-FLOW" Liquid Starch and you will be able to remove it and there will be no damage to your wall.  Good for those of us who ":like a change!"
So here are the tools you need: one of those wide scraper thing-eys, a cutting knife with a new blade, scissors, a sharp pencil, a small foam roller and 1" foam brush (for edges and corners) and a small tray to pour the starch into.  

Make sure the wall is painted.  Cut the fabric about 2" wider than needed and try to use the selvedge edge where you can.  Also cut it about 2" longer than needed.  (I use my cutting board and long ruler to get it as straight as I can.  Roll the starch fairly heavily on the wall making sure to get into the corners and edges.  I use a level to check on the side edge for vertical straightness.  Allow about an inch on all sides and, using the wide scraper thing-ey against the wall, use the cutting knife to trim the excess.  I had to use a pencil to mark the corners and then cut it with the scissors as I was using Home Dec. fabric which is thicker..  It's just like hanging wallpaper but it is not permanent.  Be sure to smooth is down and add more starch to areas that are not sticking..  To remove it, just grab a corner and pull easy and it will come right off.  If it doesn't, just spray a little water between the fabric and the wall, and, wa,la, you will be back to a painted wall.

Here is the silly pattern I chose for below a RED CHAIR-RAIL in my Sewing Room.  I love a little whimsy and even though this isn't "Prim" it is FUN and we all need a little of that!  

My walls and upper cabinets are BM Monroe Bisque and I have stencilled some CHICKEN WIRE very lightly on the 4 upper cabinet doors.  Then the little black chickens are wood and applied to the doors with little sticky foam squares so they stick out a little.  Looks kinda cute with a hooked rug with chickens and a couple more scattered about.    

Now, Blogger will not let me finish this post...or will they?  I will try to add more pics but if it doesn't work I will have to finish up in another post.  I still haven't figured this stuff out completely.  LOL
So if I am leaving you hanging, I am sorry, but come back again for "THE END OF THE STORY!"
Prim Hugs to All,

Monday, October 3, 2011


"WELCOME" MY PRETTIES!   Yes, come in and check out my lovely green complexion, pet my Kitty and do have a piece of Candy!  I promise you will love what you are going to see!!!


On my front porch.  The Witch and Moon sign reads, 
Couldn't  mean me now, could it???

Left side detail...a great house for putting one of those new pillar candles with a timer!

See, this is where I park my BROOM!

Lower shelf detail...a great big! Truck.  Holds Pine Cones at Christmas...easy decoration...
Takes two minutes to switch pumpkins out!  I like easy and fast! 

This SMIL-EY KITTY  welcomes you.
Check out those teeth!

Daughters designed my "Fall" hutch and I never want to change it.
How would pumpkins and leaves look at Christmas!

More detail...the little towel reads 
and was given to me for my Birthday!

Part of Fireplace decoration
"Hocus Pocus"

Other side
"Trick or Treat"

Nice to be back to blogging.  Several things have happened to prevent me from being on here but nothing serious.  Just wonderful things like CRANKY COMPUTER, (that even  stumped Mr. S. O. for a while), a broken Camera, (agh, I am lost without that), a new Camera, (OH, the STRESS that can cause,)  many therapy sessions for my KNEE and hours of "practicing" at home, a Huge Garage sale, purchasing of some new furniture, (that will be for another post), Volunteering at the local S.P.C.A. Thrift Store,  and best of all, my Daughters surprised me by flying out  for my Birthday  AND, GET THIS
I ACTUALLY FINALLY GOT TO GO TO THE CLOSEST "COUNTRY-PRIMITIVE" STORE" in the area..(.well it is over 2 hours away)  LOL...and Mr. S. O. drove us and then took us out to lunch and even found some other great shops in town and checked them out with us.  
WHAT A DAY and can you think of a nicer way to spend my Birthday!  
We were all happy campers!  LOL
I will post soon about the store.  It was really great!
All for now...thanks for stopping by and
leave me a "comment" or my little green-faced witch
will "gobble you up!"  Oh, no, that's a Turkey!
See Ya Soon!
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