Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Hi Everyone and Hey You, out there shaking her head, yes this is another post from me in less than two weeks!  Miracles DO HAPPEN and Welcome to The Olde Farmhouse!

As I  mentioned in my last post Lori Barnard and I have been e-mailing for about a year regarding me visiting her store and (and my darling daughters and I) were finally able to make the trip for my Birthday!  
So here is a little tour of  her store and a little about her

This is the 18th Century Log Cabin that they moved from Ohio.  Like they say in the magazines:  "We numbered the logs and just put 'em back together on our property."  It is a sight to see and they actually lived in it while their "real" house was being built.
I can hardly imagine that whole scenario, but they did it and the setting is perfect. Now for 

A few inside shots....where we spent over 3 hours!  LOL
But there was so MUCH TO SEE!

This is the "upstairs" with a low ceiling and steep stairs...

Back downstairs for more delicious treasures

and did I mention it was her 
delicious refreshments

and here is sweet Lori thanking me for coming!
WOW!  Who should be thanking who???
We had such a fun day!

So of course when you get home from such an inspiring shopping trip, you are always ready to "do a project, right!  Well, we are talking STARCHED CHICKENS here!  LOL
Did you know you can apply fabric to walls, cabinets or furniture with good old "STA-FLOW" Liquid Starch and you will be able to remove it and there will be no damage to your wall.  Good for those of us who ":like a change!"
So here are the tools you need: one of those wide scraper thing-eys, a cutting knife with a new blade, scissors, a sharp pencil, a small foam roller and 1" foam brush (for edges and corners) and a small tray to pour the starch into.  

Make sure the wall is painted.  Cut the fabric about 2" wider than needed and try to use the selvedge edge where you can.  Also cut it about 2" longer than needed.  (I use my cutting board and long ruler to get it as straight as I can.  Roll the starch fairly heavily on the wall making sure to get into the corners and edges.  I use a level to check on the side edge for vertical straightness.  Allow about an inch on all sides and, using the wide scraper thing-ey against the wall, use the cutting knife to trim the excess.  I had to use a pencil to mark the corners and then cut it with the scissors as I was using Home Dec. fabric which is thicker..  It's just like hanging wallpaper but it is not permanent.  Be sure to smooth is down and add more starch to areas that are not sticking..  To remove it, just grab a corner and pull easy and it will come right off.  If it doesn't, just spray a little water between the fabric and the wall, and, wa,la, you will be back to a painted wall.

Here is the silly pattern I chose for below a RED CHAIR-RAIL in my Sewing Room.  I love a little whimsy and even though this isn't "Prim" it is FUN and we all need a little of that!  

My walls and upper cabinets are BM Monroe Bisque and I have stencilled some CHICKEN WIRE very lightly on the 4 upper cabinet doors.  Then the little black chickens are wood and applied to the doors with little sticky foam squares so they stick out a little.  Looks kinda cute with a hooked rug with chickens and a couple more scattered about.    

Now, Blogger will not let me finish this post...or will they?  I will try to add more pics but if it doesn't work I will have to finish up in another post.  I still haven't figured this stuff out completely.  LOL
So if I am leaving you hanging, I am sorry, but come back again for "THE END OF THE STORY!"
Prim Hugs to All,


  1. Hi Joy, what a great store that must have been to see. I just love log cabins and the fact that this one is from Ohio is just amazing! So glad you had a nice day out. The chicken chair rail is adorable, what a great idea and easy to change! Very cute idea!~

  2. A little whimzy is good for the soul. I have a 3-d picture that is so not prim on my wall in the guest room. I love it because it makes me smile everytime I see it. Your chickens will do the same for you. Come visit the Pantry

  3. Dear Joy... you are so clever! I love your starched chickens!!! Looking at them must brighten your day and give you smiles. I am glad that you got to visit your friends darling store. How nice of your daughter to take you.... and... Happy belated birthday.

    Thank you for your nice comment on my post. I am glad that we are blog friends. Have a great week. Hugs, Lura

  4. Ah yes i have known for years,as I help my Mother do ours house when I was a teen,We use liquid starch.So glad your enjoying yourself.(Hugs)

  5. FUN, FUN, FUN...starched Chickens...how cool. Love them. Great tutorial kiddo.

    I loooove the cabin...and I do believe it came from Curry's in Ohio...I believe they buy old cabins, restore them and then sell them....this one is just gorgeous.
    Here's the link: http://www.currysantiques.com/Cabins.htm



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