Monday, October 3, 2011


"WELCOME" MY PRETTIES!   Yes, come in and check out my lovely green complexion, pet my Kitty and do have a piece of Candy!  I promise you will love what you are going to see!!!


On my front porch.  The Witch and Moon sign reads, 
Couldn't  mean me now, could it???

Left side detail...a great house for putting one of those new pillar candles with a timer!

See, this is where I park my BROOM!

Lower shelf detail...a great big! Truck.  Holds Pine Cones at Christmas...easy decoration...
Takes two minutes to switch pumpkins out!  I like easy and fast! 

This SMIL-EY KITTY  welcomes you.
Check out those teeth!

Daughters designed my "Fall" hutch and I never want to change it.
How would pumpkins and leaves look at Christmas!

More detail...the little towel reads 
and was given to me for my Birthday!

Part of Fireplace decoration
"Hocus Pocus"

Other side
"Trick or Treat"

Nice to be back to blogging.  Several things have happened to prevent me from being on here but nothing serious.  Just wonderful things like CRANKY COMPUTER, (that even  stumped Mr. S. O. for a while), a broken Camera, (agh, I am lost without that), a new Camera, (OH, the STRESS that can cause,)  many therapy sessions for my KNEE and hours of "practicing" at home, a Huge Garage sale, purchasing of some new furniture, (that will be for another post), Volunteering at the local S.P.C.A. Thrift Store,  and best of all, my Daughters surprised me by flying out  for my Birthday  AND, GET THIS
I ACTUALLY FINALLY GOT TO GO TO THE CLOSEST "COUNTRY-PRIMITIVE" STORE" in the area..(.well it is over 2 hours away)  LOL...and Mr. S. O. drove us and then took us out to lunch and even found some other great shops in town and checked them out with us.  
WHAT A DAY and can you think of a nicer way to spend my Birthday!  
We were all happy campers!  LOL
I will post soon about the store.  It was really great!
All for now...thanks for stopping by and
leave me a "comment" or my little green-faced witch
will "gobble you up!"  Oh, no, that's a Turkey!
See Ya Soon!


  1. Hi Joy, love your house decorated for Fall. Your hutch is great, no wonder you love it so much. I enjoyed your pictures, thanks for showing!

  2. Hi Joy! Welcome back! Your home looks great! That hutch is so pretty!!! Happy Belated Bday!!!!

    Carmen and the Primcats

  3. Hi Joy...gosh I was beginning to think you gave up blogging...but being we e-mail now and then I knew you were still out there!
    So wonderful that your daughters came to surprise you - what a fun time and your S. O. is sooooo sweet.

    Your home is always so sweet and inviting. You have so many wonderful treasures.


  4. Your home is looking so warm and inviting! Love all of your fall decor. So glad you had some good family time. Blessings~ Sara

  5. Hi Joy, You can do what you like! If you want pumpkins, leaves and Christmas greenery, you go girl! If it makes you happy to look at it, I am for it! Loved seeing your Halloween and can't wait to see the rest of the pictures! Glad you are back to blogging!


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