Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Busy With Projects

Just thought I would add a pic of my "old" bed that is leaving me and moving to a ranch this week. I have loved it but can't wait for my brand new Pencil Post coming in Nov.
I put the paint bottle there to let you see how BIG this coach lamp is! It was really beat up, see the crack on the left side and the glass was broken. I think it will be great with some silicone bulbs with the reflector painted an antique gold. I will add some "hot glue drips" to the candle sleeves, too.

Hi Everyone:
Just a short message today as for the last 4 days I have not been able to access my Google account! NO LOL here...that is so frustrating; I just want to pick up the phone and yell at someone. Especially when they ask for my password a million times, among other things.
But, I am back and now & am in the middle of a million things. S.O. says: "What's new about that?" HA! Anyway, I need to get out out in the garage before it gets too hot (105 today!) and work on about 5 projects because I am doing some major remodeling work in my "great room" starting next week. The contractor brought the lumber early so I could get it painted before he puts it up. Nice, huh! So painting clothes will be my fashion statement for today!
Then, I sold my beautiful black bed and ordered a new one, (a totally beautiful Pencil Post...my life-long wish!) but the new one doesn't come until November so I am trying to figure out how to work around having my mattress and box spring on the FLOOR. Too hot to run around looking at G.W., etc. but I may have to...
I wanted to share with you a fabulous find from Habitat...This coach lamp that I got for a mere $25! It is huge as you can see; that baby is over 2 ft. tall. I have taken it all apart and will paint it black. The electrical wires will be repaired and I plan to use it on my mantel this Christmas with greens, etc. Can't wait to get it done (so I can move on to the next project.) More later. Hugs and thank you for stopping by!


  1. I love pencil posts beds, but the bed and bedroom that you have arranged now is beautiful!
    And what a wonderful score with the coach lamp* ~Enjoy Joy!!

  2. Sounds like so much fun..starting over and redecorating...are you painting the bedroom too? I love the color of the walls right now!! Will be fun watching the progress. Dianntha

  3. You're so lucky to be getting a pencil post bed! I'd love to have one of those some day as well. Aren't makeovers so much fun! I can't wait to see what you do with your room.
    The lantern is a great find and I like what you're going to do with it too. I hope you'll post an "after" picture.
    Blessings to you~ Birgit

  4. Thank you for the nice comments on my blog! Wanted to let you know that I nominated you for "The Versatile Blogger" award. Come by for a visit and pick it up!

  5. hi i would really love to follow your blog ,but were it says follow there is nothing there to click on ,i will save you to favourites and try again tomorrow :-)


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