Friday, January 2, 2015


Happy New Year to all, near and far!  
Can you stand one more post about Christmas??? (giggle!)

Here are some pictures of some of the things I love and collect!
I hope you will  enjoy them...

These are part of a collection of Byers' Choice Carolers.
We started this one because it was one of my hubby's favorite charities,
The Salvation Army 

These are some of the miscellaneous Carolers I usually display at different  
holidays during the year.  You can see the boxes they come in, shaped like houses..
And knowing my love for houses....

Here are a couple shots of my DOLLAR STORE VILLAGE!
Yes, I bought those rather miserable-looking houses along with the accessories.
First I painted them with white craft paint and while the second coat was still wet, I sprinkled
them with EPSOM SALTS and a little glitter.
I originally saw these on a blog, but could not find it when I wanted to see the tutorial so I had to just google it and there were several directions available to I just sort of winged it...most said to spray paint but it is too cold in spray (I tried it and brought them right in but the paint wouldn't dry and cracked so I went to "Plan B.")  I had to use craft paint and a sponge brush and the whole project
took only a couple of hours (counting washing off the spray paint.)
It was fun and quick and was a big hit...Great Grandson rearranged 
everything every time he came over! (wink!)  

These two little sweethearts originally came from Salvation Army
and they are enjoying their tea time by the fireplace!

Here is a shot of the 3 main shelves in my hutch.  On the top shelf are OLD "flannel-type-dressed Santas.  
The one in the center-back is one my kids (now 57 and 60) used to play
 with when they were toddlers.
You wind him up and he rings a bell with his swinging arm

This is a close up of the bottom shelf...
Santa arriving by "Hot-Air-Balloon."

And here he is...

And here he is arriving traditionally by
Reindeer and Sleigh.
What fun this year was for me as my children, grandchildren and of course Great Grandchildren had never seen my Christmas "stuff" 

And these little guys used to be displayed around the Christmas Tree
but with only a table tree...didn't work out
so they sat along the stairway...(smile!)

And this is the largest collection I have,  Santas and Father Christmas's that I can't
 bear to "down-size."
Mostly they have been gifts from my daughters or dear friends
so even with limited space...

Well, thank you for bearing with me as this should have been done way before
Christmas but there were other priorities.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

The next post will include my 
and I hope you come back to check it out.
As we enter the New Year stay healthy, by happy and have some fun!

Please leave me a comment, I will answer each one
and will check out your blog, too.



  1. Very looks really good!

  2. Hi Joy!
    What fun decorating! I didn't realize the dollar store had such neat things and your way of re-creating them is a tutorial some time please.

  3. Jy I loved it. Just got my computer back and have a lot to catch up on. This is just beautiful.I love the Byers too, just don't have many. Can't wait to see the next house tour.

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. (sorry - I removed the previous post as I spelled lots of things wrong lol)
      Hey Ms. Joy - I know I posted here but was looking back to see if you updated a post or not....hope you do sometime soon my friend.


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