Wednesday, October 29, 2014

A Cute Little "Detour" "Before House Tour #3

I know, this is supposed to be a blog about my so called
"Primitive Design Life"
Please bear with me while I do a little
"Great Grandma Bragging."
You see, all the time my 5 grandchildren were growing up
they lived on one side of the country and hubby and I
lived on the other.
Visits were limited to about 3 a year so I feel
I missed out on so much of their lives
So, if you will indulge me and allow me 
"Great Grandma Bragging Rights..."
Here we go...
A few days ago my oldest granddaughter asked if I could make a VEST for their 
TWO & a half year old son.
You see, he want to be a "digger-man" or a "construction guy."

You didn't think I could turn her down do you???
I said: "Of course, Stephanie, it will only take me a couple of hours."
And then the fun began...
(scratch the part about "a couple of hours.!)
How about 2 days and three, yes, three trips to the fabric store.!  LOL
So here is how I spent the past two days  :-)
I used one of his shirts for a pattern...bought orange fleece, lining, buttons, thread, ribbon,
and since (I couldn't find "real reflective tape," got a spool of
Iridescent Tape to use in a pinch.
You'll notice his name on the special request, of course

This is the lining...his favorite "John Deere" equipment!

Of course all the workers have to have their names on their backs

Now, let's take a couple of pictures...

"Well, yes, Gaboo,  I love my vest but hate to have my picture taken!"
(Gaboo is the name his mother, her sister and brother used to call both my
hubby and I before they had learned to say Grandma or Grandpa!

"Maybe if Mommy steps in it will be better!"

"Ah, now that is better...Gaboo is holding me."
"Please notice, I have a truck in each hand!"

"Now that's better; having your picture taken isn't all that bad!"


"Well we have to go home now, Gaboo.  
I have to show my vest to Daddy!
And to my Baby Sister, Juniper who is almost 5 months old."

So here is a HALLOWEEN Greeting to all of you from Colin and Juniper
and of course, GABOO!
Aren't my great grand babies cute!

Until next time, Halloween Greetings to you.


  1. awwwwwwwwwwww
    so sweet *.*
    big hugs x

  2. Your Great Grands are just adorable! What fun! 😀 ~ MARGE ~

  3. What an adorable post. He and the vest are both just fantastic, Gaboo. I love it. Oh Joye I am so happy you are getting to enjoy your family. What took you so long to move back?lol Nothing like those greats is there? Nothing. I was so happy to see your post.


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