Monday, February 17, 2014

FROM CALIFORNIA to the middle of WINTER???

From my last post so much has happened!  I actually did move from California to Minnesota in December...and yes, it is one of the worst winters in history!
Of course I really don't mind as it has been 33 years since I "lived" in it and I love to see 
"how it makes everything look magical!"
I feel like I am living in a fairy-land; it is so beautiful!
But I am getting ahead of myself...back to moving:
I did most of the packing with the help of friends and Mr. Significant Other.  However, after weeks of packing, the truck arrived one day EARLY and we weren't DONE!

This was the bathroom...what a mess!!!
And you should have seen the rest of the house!
(Sorry, I deleted those by mistake!)

It is truly amazing how they move furniture!

they wrap everything...

and treat it all like marvelous treasures!


And 5 hours later they were ready to go!
But guess what...they forgot 8 tubs of Christmas Decorations!  
No problem...they shipped them to me by UPS!!

The next day they took my car away, not to be seen by me until January 8th even though I moved into my town home on December 16.
I sure had to rely on my daughter longer than I wanted to get around!

When I got to her house on Dec. 14th there was this "fun" welcome to Mn. gift for me.  How thoughtful!

So here they was a little different...below zero!

A view of the great room...

Karen was there Moving-In-Day and not only did she open boxes and stow the stuff in the kitchen, she managed to put up a little Christmas Tree that I brought from CA.  (That is a "Dummy Board" of a Father Christmas right next to it, looking out the window.)
At least I had a little tree as soon as I moved in!


A view of the main lodge where there is "Independent Living Apartments," "Assisted Living," and "Memory Care."
But I live in a beautiful town home about a block away from the lodge.

This is a view from my deck...

And this is my street,  before the plow!

And this is after the plow!

Karen gave me the lovely pot of "spruce tips" and berries...and those poor little geese are trying to figure out why they are so cold!  LOL

* ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ *

The long delay involved Google/Blogger who didn't recognize my username or password or ANYTHING so I couldn't access my dashboard!  FRUSTRATION!!! 
It finally got fixed (long distance by phone) by Mr. S.O. who walked me through everything but programming!
I imagine I will be eternally grateful to him...I had visions of having to start a NEW blog!  UGH!

I am "knee deep" in boxes yet and trying to get the clutter put away...I am having the entire main level painted in a couple of weeks...the stark white walls just don't "go" with my primitive style!
So,  I will post pictures of the rooms as they come together; I can't wait to be totally settled.

About the move, I am so HAPPY that I made it...being close to family is so much fun...probably going to Iowa next weekend to see other daughter and family...there is a "Competition Recital" for youngest grand daughter!
Couldn't do that if I was in CA.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

Until next time...thank you for reading...


  1. My heart skipped a beat when I saw you had posted! I was so concerned about you. I couldn't e-mail you because I knew it had changed. Mine is the same so you can e-mail me. I am glad you are happy about the move. Everything looks so fresh. What a sweet girl to have you a tree. That would have been important to me too. Do NOT stay away so long!lol

  2. so good to hear from you......I know how important it is to be by your girls and the rest of your I am very happy for you....we all miss hearing how you were doing and how the decorating was going in your new please share lots....I love pictures.....what fun to completely redo a new I was at a furniture store called Ashley......what fun I had in there...I was only shopping for accessories and found lots.....thinking of you as you pull your home together...wish I could come by and give you a hand....please come back more often....we miss you when you are away...

  3. Hi Joy,
    I'm so glad you got settled...we never had to move as far as you did fortunately, but the one time we did have movers do it they lost (or stole) just one item...a little Hibachi grill. Not sure why it got lost or stolen but we considered ourselves fortunate and could very will live without the
    It takes so much time to find NEW PLACES and SPACES for your things doesn't it. But you are a very 'go getter' kind of gal so I'm sure it won't be long and your house will be a HOME.
    Thank goodness the snow only is here 1/4 of the year (supposedly - seems it's the longest season).
    Welcome to my part of the world and now maybe WE WILL FINALLY MEET.


  4. What a move that was, you are so resilient Joy, you came through it with flying colors! Love the new digs. Now I am looking forward to your before and after photos of each room!! Keep posting... I'm all eyes.

  5. Hello Joy, your photos are lovely!

  6. I hadn't realized that you had moved. I'm so happy for you that you are close to so much family. We will miss you here! We'll have to stay "in touch" through our blogs. I have not done blogging for a couple of months, its very easy for me to be lazy with posting on Facebook and Instagram instead. Take care, Terry


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