Friday, September 27, 2013


Well, HAPPY FALL to all of you in all but the south and west part of the U.S.  It is still rather warm here in No. California but supposed to cool off next week.  I would hate to say I have been busy because I lead this exciting "retired" life, but, the truth be told, it seems to take me forever to get just the usual stuff done.  And I have been working on my house to get it ready for a possible sale.  That is something I will post about if it really is going to happen  I should know in about a month or so.  Will be traveling across the country the middle of Oct. to check out living possibilities.
But, anyway, in the meantime I don't think I ever have shown you the details of the smallest room in my house.  And all you crafters and sewers will "wonder how I do it.
This room is a total of 30 square feet!  It was supposed to hold the washer and dryer but I needed a sewing room so this was the only space available...

This is the total width, 6 feet, of my work area. The room is actually 6 x 5 feet 
 To make the bulletin board I covered a piece of Foam-core board with fabric and then added (with glue) the ribbons and the primitive-looking buttons.  From there I "nailed and screwed it to the wall." and called it a day!  There are under-cabinet lights and then I also have one of those "True-to-Color" lights which really works as a spotlight when I need when working on black!

Here are the 4 cabinet doors where I added roosters.  I got the cut outs at Michaels and painted them black with white polka dots.  They break up all that solid cream color on the doors.  I stuck them on with those little squares you use to hang posters...they have been there for over 10 years and haven't fallen off yet!  Before I stuck them on the doors I had a small "chicken wire" stencil and very lightly stenciled near them in red.
How do you like that?

Here is a fairly hidden bulletin board for Messy stuff, Doctor Appts., coupons for restaurants, a couple of pictures, and stuff I don't know where else to put!  I took a frame I found at Goodwill about 12 long by 24 long.  I painted it red...(of course, my favorite color) and, now stick with me here, it is a little confusing:  I went to Home Depot and got a piece of sheet metal, which, just my luck was already cut to 12 x 18 so it just fit in the upper part of the frame after I covered it with fabric, glued on the back.  Then I cut a piece of foam-core to fit below the covered metal and covered it, too.  Got it, so far?  So I can use magnets on the upper part and push pins on the bottom part.  
Hey, nothing like a little variety!  LOL

And I know that somewhere in the past, I have shown you a tut. on how to add fabric (the crazy chicken design below the red chair rail) to the wall.  So below, this is how I store most of my is all stored on two spice racks I also got at Goodwill and painted black.  The shelves are just the right size for spools but now there are many that I have had to "stack."  Unfortunately, thread for the serger doesn't fit and when I tried, several toppled down and you know what a mess that can they are in another save my sanity.  LOL

This is just a little area where I hang my scissors...HA, HA, I ALWAYS know where they are!  After many years of accusing my family of not putting them away, AGAIN!  

Another rooster on the clock with black and white checks around the edge.  I love that clock!

Well, the light is so bright in here, or dark with all turned off, that I couldn't get a good picture.  When I re-did my kitchen (the previous post) my contractor removed those "wonderful  ugly florescent lights.  They still worked so he installed one in this teeny-tiny sewing room.  When I walked in the first time after the work was done I almost "swooned."  For the first time in 16 years it WAS REALLY BRIGHT IN THERE...I really love it...I CAN SEE WHAT I AM DOING FOR THE FIRST TIME IN 16 YEARS! By the way, when it was in my kitchen , to make it a little bit more less ugly, I covered the "light cover" with lace with a "star" pattern.  Glue would not work and it is also flammable (yikes!) so I had to use double stick scotch tape around the edges to hold the lace on, but the "star" pattern was not too bad actually pretty cute.  So if you look really, really close...

Before I go I must show you my lovely Hooked Rug that I scored at HOMEGOODS at their grand opening.  Love it!  All my friends want to buy it!  HA!  (See that beautiful new laminate floor just like the kitchen and back porch and now both bathrooms!)

This is the door to the garage...and just last week I had the great idea of adding a full length mirror!  Now what do you think of that!  Previously I had mirrored sliding doors in the Master Bedroom and it was so easy to get a peek when getting ready to go somewhere.  But I removed them, (too cold-looking for me!) and then for lack of any "big" mirror resorted to one on the back of the Master Bedroom door...a real pain to have to close it to see myself.  So, I said to myself, "Self, where can you put a mirror where it is more handy?"
And in a flash, it came to me:  "Why not on the sewing Room Door To The Garage?"  After all that is the door I almost always use.  So there you have it...
A teeny-tiny little sewing room
but it works for me.

who hang in there with me.  I try to find the time to thank all, but I am afraid the days go by or Google won't let me send a message or something or other.  
But I DO APPRECIATE you even taking the time to read.  
If I can make this move I am sure I will have more to post about.

Wait! I don't want you to get away just yet...tomorrow morning I am leaving for the Big Apple, New York for a convention with the organization where I got my certification as an 
Interior Redecorator.
I am traveling with one of my first clients with whom I have a continuing  friendship
Should be fun!

In the meantime...



  1. Sending you big hugs dear..
    Thinking of you so much
    Good luck
    Love cucki x

  2. Your sewing room may be small, but it looks SO well decorated! Have fun in the Big Apple!

  3. Wow, Joy, you and your lovely home are always full of surpises. Love it. Have fun in NY and pray things work out the best for you.

  4. Joy it was such a pleasure meeting you this past week in NJ & NYC!! I am now following your blog and look forward to reading more about you and your rooms! I just love this sewing room with rooster & red accents! Great use of a small space! And smart spot for that mirror to check before you head out the door ;)

  5. I love the Rooster wood cut outs on the doors, so clever!

  6. Good morning Joy - well I don't think I have ever seen anyone use a small space so nicely as you have here - goodness there's a place for everything right at your fingertips and not because it is a small area...but how organized you have made it. Wonderful job lady.
    I imagine by now you are in NY enjoying the convention.
    Hope you have a better idea about moving so your mind isn't in limbo anymore.


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