Sunday, May 15, 2011


Just as we all love our Primitive Style, I have learned to appreciate almost  all other styles, as I have worked with so many other homeowner's as their Redesigner.  Sometimes a certain style will "speak to me" and I would like to share that with  you today.  Our Needle Arts Club here in Sun City has several activities during the year that are wonderful to see.  This past week we sponsored a wonderful Home-Garden-Quilt Show which was truly a treat for the eyes

I was so fortunate to be assigned to my favorite home on the tour as a hostess so I had the wonderful opportunity to "really get a good look around!"  (We nosy types like to do that!)  

Not worrying about my picture-taking skills, I hope you can see enough detail so you can enjoy the details.  I find this style refreshing after all the Primitive use of more dull, grayed-off colors.  I am so lucky that this friend-homeowner used to have Primitive decorating in her home and therefore she has given me several wonderful pieces of pewter, lamps, and accessories   She is truly a sweetheart and can you believe she is a Senior???

Gotta love that girl!  She's as sweet as she is cute!  And she is SMART!  She teaches quilting and you will only see a small sample of her quilts   That would be for another post....

This is Kathy 

Here are a couple of her quilts in her Sun Porch 

Is this window just too hangs in an opening next to her front door

This is her kitchen eating area where there is a marvelous yellow hutch just out of the picture to the left.
The chair seats are upholstered in "old" quilt pieces in blue and white
with yellow & white checked place-mats on the table

This is the end of her Great Room with a marvelous "Hoosier" and Dry Sink

This is the Guest Bath with red checked wallpaper and Yellow checked shower drape.

Here is one of Kathy's quilts.  I don't know how she does it!!!

I thought you would enjoy this shot in her hallway...that is a black and white little plaid with a fun country border...and look at all the hanging goodies!

These are two shots of her Master Bath.  All I can say is I am so fortunate to know such a talented person!  
That sunflower is a candle

This is Kathy's Bedroom.  A beautiful black Four Poster, a white lace half-canopy, Black and white toile accented by black and white checks and a Red Cherry Quilt.  And then add in a ruffly black pillow!  
The bench at the foot of the bed is in the same "cherries," checks and toile.  
A Winning Combination.

I hope I didn't get too far off the "Prim" track but I do think it is fun to admire another style and you can even borrow a styling trick or two from any design.  

Until next time, I hope you will have fun viewing these pictures.




  1. What a beautiful home Joy. Thank you for sharing. I always admire quilters and their work. She has beautiful things, doesn't she. Thanks for sharing.

  2. What a sweet home! I love how she used her quilts to really personalize it. What a tour that must have been! I think my fav is the bedroom with the toile and checks! Just timless!! Please thank Kathy for letting us step inside!! Hugs!!

  3. very pretty pics! Love country and prim styles. I also love decorating but my hubbie doesn't understand at all. I just love the style that spells, home sweet home.


  4. Dear Joy,
    Thanks for the tour of Kathy's home.It is just lovely. She is indeed a talented friend.... and I think you took beautiful pictures.

    How are you doing? I hope that you have a great week end. Hugs, Lura


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