Sunday, February 13, 2011

Valentines Day and more

Here's that red hutch again, all decorated for Valentines Day.  I had planned to line the backs of the shelves with burlap to match the Tyler Taupe paint color that is just to the right of it but that never happened.  Some months just get tooooo busy!  LOL

A few "close-ups" for your viewing pleasure

And I am thinking of her, too and I miss her a ton!
(My 14 year old Granddaughter)

And here's a couple of odd shots around the house.

Gotta have a couple of "Chocolate" Cookbooks, right! 

And, now after all those lovely hearts and so much love,
 here is the darling
 "Save The Date" magnet for
First Granddaughter's Wedding on June 11, 2011

Well my dear blogger friends, I hope you enjoyed these last few "heart" pictures and will forgive my short post for tonight.  I have several more pictures to post (on another subject, thank goodness!) and l hope to get  to that soon.  I am supposed to be retired but I have to say, "I don't know how I ever had time to work!"  Having fun takes up a lot of time.  
Stop by and tell me how you get everything done.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Happy February and a Few Hearts Around my Home

Here are some pictures of  Hearts from around my home.  This is a potting bench on my front porch with a Pot of Cyclamins...see their heart-shaped leaves.  They are so cheerful after a drab winter. I really love them and they do well in a pot or in the ground here.  The little boots were a GW find and I painted them, with "dot flowers" using the wrong end of an artists brush.

This "Prim Lady" has been with me for years.  I hope my brain isn't as blank as her face!  LOL  She makes a nice front door transition from Christmas to Valentines Day

Then this is the inside of the front door.  I was poking around in the attic the other day and found this berry heart.  Cute, eh?

This is on top of a blue framed mirror and I love the :Love-Birds"

More "Flea Market Finds and it looks like it's 8:35...I must be going somewhere to be up so early! LOL

Boxes I painted years ago.  Seems like it was another life, Hmmm!

This gathering is on the mantel.  See the tiny heart cutout near the top of the box.  Another GW find  (for $1.00) and painted bright blue.  Got the label on-line.

A great little dish to hide the margarine container (when I have company, of course!  LOL) and a great iron trivit that is use for boosting up everything from lamps that are too short to a pile of books..

My husband made this chair for me many years ago.  It was a Christmas where "each one of us" had to "Make" something for the other.  I made big, jointed 18" Teddy Bears for my daughters (teen agers at the time) and my hubby made them each chairs.  Of course I had to have one, too!

This is a carved wooden bowl I picked up in Tennessee on a vacation a long time ago.  Of course Hubby had to know, "Why do you need that?"  LOL  Ever heard that before??

A little gathering on a kitchen counter.  Can you see the little Hearts on the napkins...they are from IKEA!  Who knows where we can find  "Prim Stuff!"

That's all for now...have another bunch of pics to post in a while.  Don't want to spoil you (or bore you to death!)
Come back soon and leave me a I doing this blogging thing right or what can I do better.  I really love it when you become my followers and/or leave me a comment and try to reply to each of you (by the way, Google gives me an ugly message sometimes when I try to "reply" to you and I don't understand that, SO if you haven't heard from me when you have become a follower, it's all GOOGLE'S fault.)  I love all my new blogging friends and now check my blog as often as I check my E-mail!  
"Til next time,
Keep warm and keep reading!
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