Sunday, February 15, 2015

HOME TOUR #3...Finally..

Here it is!  I can not believe how long this tour business has taken me and there will still have to be one or two more to show you my whole townhome.  So if you can be very patient with me and grab a cup of coffee or whatever you prefer...this is loaded with fact I just deleted some from this post because I am sure you would drift off if there were too many...
So here goes:

To make it a little easier to follow along I thought I'd include a floor plan for you...
BTW...this view is reversed so when I say "on the left, it is really "on the right."  You get it...  

This is what you see when you come in the front door

On the left you will pass the stairs to the lower level

Then you should go by the hutch...I know you have seen this before but I don't want you to get lost  (wink!)

Then make a quick left turn and on your left you will see this wall cabinet which was an amazing find at T.J. Maxx

Continue down the hall (you have already seen the laundry room on the left in another post) so keep on and you will see this vignette just across the doorway to the laundry room

Below you are into the entry hall into the Master Bedroom and on the left wall is a grouping of pictures of my daughters two and five year sketches, "First Day of School" & up to when Karen was in high school and Kathy in college

Now you are through the entry to the Master Bedroom...going around the room starting on your left is the old jelly cupboard and the rake I have used in several rooms.  (In fact, you have probably seen most of this before in my California house! (Smile!)

Then of course, the bed.  This year I added the sheer dressing on the posts...anything to make it look cozy in Minnesota winters!

Colin, my wonderful Great-Grandson has a Kitty just like I have on my bed.  He calls it his "Meow" and takes it everywhere.
Oh what fun to have a Great-Grandson!!

This is a little reading corner in the bedroom...what did I just say?
HA!  I have never even SAT in the "reading corner!"  But it is good to pile "things" on...if you know what I mean!  (wink!)  

I don't care what "they" say...I have to have a TV in my bedroom.  Still can't figure what to hang above it...if anything?

Now just past the TV I have a marvelous floor mirror...from IKEA no less!  Since I don't have a "REAL" dresser I could never tell what I looked like when I was dressed so this solved my situation very nicely!  (Smile!)
(Boxes are hiding an electric cord & outlet.)

On the way out of my bedroom you will see a small grouping:
Our Wedding Picture (Sept. 25, 1951) 
the small shelf with a picture of when we danced in The World's Country Western Dance Competition
October of 1997
at the DisneyLand Hotel

* ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ *

Well, my blogging buddies, that is enough for today.
But before I go I see I have gotten some new followers...welcome, welcome, welcome to my blog and thank you for following!
Come back and leave me a comment  and I will do the same for you!

                 * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ *                     

Next time will be Tour #4 which will include the bathrooms, the lower level and a simple tutorial on dressing up a boring bathroom landscape mirror...easy, peasy!

Until next time...



Friday, January 2, 2015


Happy New Year to all, near and far!  
Can you stand one more post about Christmas??? (giggle!)

Here are some pictures of some of the things I love and collect!
I hope you will  enjoy them...

These are part of a collection of Byers' Choice Carolers.
We started this one because it was one of my hubby's favorite charities,
The Salvation Army 

These are some of the miscellaneous Carolers I usually display at different  
holidays during the year.  You can see the boxes they come in, shaped like houses..
And knowing my love for houses....

Here are a couple shots of my DOLLAR STORE VILLAGE!
Yes, I bought those rather miserable-looking houses along with the accessories.
First I painted them with white craft paint and while the second coat was still wet, I sprinkled
them with EPSOM SALTS and a little glitter.
I originally saw these on a blog, but could not find it when I wanted to see the tutorial so I had to just google it and there were several directions available to I just sort of winged it...most said to spray paint but it is too cold in spray (I tried it and brought them right in but the paint wouldn't dry and cracked so I went to "Plan B.")  I had to use craft paint and a sponge brush and the whole project
took only a couple of hours (counting washing off the spray paint.)
It was fun and quick and was a big hit...Great Grandson rearranged 
everything every time he came over! (wink!)  

These two little sweethearts originally came from Salvation Army
and they are enjoying their tea time by the fireplace!

Here is a shot of the 3 main shelves in my hutch.  On the top shelf are OLD "flannel-type-dressed Santas.  
The one in the center-back is one my kids (now 57 and 60) used to play
 with when they were toddlers.
You wind him up and he rings a bell with his swinging arm

This is a close up of the bottom shelf...
Santa arriving by "Hot-Air-Balloon."

And here he is...

And here he is arriving traditionally by
Reindeer and Sleigh.
What fun this year was for me as my children, grandchildren and of course Great Grandchildren had never seen my Christmas "stuff" 

And these little guys used to be displayed around the Christmas Tree
but with only a table tree...didn't work out
so they sat along the stairway...(smile!)

And this is the largest collection I have,  Santas and Father Christmas's that I can't
 bear to "down-size."
Mostly they have been gifts from my daughters or dear friends
so even with limited space...

Well, thank you for bearing with me as this should have been done way before
Christmas but there were other priorities.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

The next post will include my 
and I hope you come back to check it out.
As we enter the New Year stay healthy, by happy and have some fun!

Please leave me a comment, I will answer each one
and will check out your blog, too.


Sunday, December 28, 2014

A "SNOW CAKE" & BELATED HOLIDAY STUFF... how would you like a "slice of snow cake???"  
I got up this morning to find we had had a lot more snow than forcasted...
remember I live in Minnesota and I gasped when I saw my patio table looking like the bottom layer of a wedding cake!  (Giggle!)

the funny thing was - it hadn't snowed enough to barely cover the grass in the front of the house!  
Who knew???

I lied...
Actually this picture. was taken the night before and you can see the snow flakes just starting to come down.  We ended up with about 6 inches, total...a tiny amount compared to last year!
Now let's check out some of my decorations

Here's my tiny front porch...

...with a close up of the red bench

and here's "the same old, same old" door decoration from California!
(I couldn't really find anything I liked better here!)  
Now let's go inside and see my four little Christmas Trees

Here's my Feather Tree I was fortunate enough to purchase from Linda Babb
a couple of years ago. This is the first year it really looked "right" to me.
I especially loved having it turned on at night with the window candles lit...
it felt so cozy!  (Smile!)
That topper is a Boyd's Bear Angel with a red checked dress it!

This is my Living Room tree which has several ornaments that belonged to my Grandparents.
I remember them from my childhood.
The topper here is also a Boyd's Bear Angel with a white velvet and fur-trimmed outfit.

This cute little (30 inch tall) white tree in the bay window of my kitchen has clear lights, red ornaments and clear sparkly icicles. 
Around it there are four little "Putz" cardboard houses, some white trees and of course batting for snow.
The topper this time is another Boyd's Bear Angel with a plaid flannel dress to match the tablecloth I use for the holidays.

And last but not least I carried this one around the house about six times before I found a home for it...I placed it
on the built-in desk in the kitchen next to an old kerosene lamp, a wonderful wooden tray
(from Decor Steals) and a cute primitive doll with her pet cow!
(I will explain the "Pet Cow" in the next post...COMING SOON!)

I still want to show you some more of my Christmas decorations even if it is past the holidays...
hey, you will have more time to read blogs. (especially mine please!  HA)
Like everyone, time got away from me before the holiday and 
"posting on my blog" kept getting moved to the "next day" on my "to-do-list!"

I will also be showing "Home Tour #3" here in my MN Townhome
for those of you who have been curious about it!

I hope you all have a wonderful New Year and make your first resolution to
comment on blogs once in a while, my blog being the first!  
If you do that I will make my resolution to post MUCH MORE OFTEN than I have..
.see what a great team we could make!  (wink!)

I would LOVE IT if you leave a comment!

Thanks, and 


Wednesday, October 29, 2014

A Cute Little "Detour" "Before House Tour #3

I know, this is supposed to be a blog about my so called
"Primitive Design Life"
Please bear with me while I do a little
"Great Grandma Bragging."
You see, all the time my 5 grandchildren were growing up
they lived on one side of the country and hubby and I
lived on the other.
Visits were limited to about 3 a year so I feel
I missed out on so much of their lives
So, if you will indulge me and allow me 
"Great Grandma Bragging Rights..."
Here we go...
A few days ago my oldest granddaughter asked if I could make a VEST for their 
TWO & a half year old son.
You see, he want to be a "digger-man" or a "construction guy."

You didn't think I could turn her down do you???
I said: "Of course, Stephanie, it will only take me a couple of hours."
And then the fun began...
(scratch the part about "a couple of hours.!)
How about 2 days and three, yes, three trips to the fabric store.!  LOL
So here is how I spent the past two days  :-)
I used one of his shirts for a pattern...bought orange fleece, lining, buttons, thread, ribbon,
and since (I couldn't find "real reflective tape," got a spool of
Iridescent Tape to use in a pinch.
You'll notice his name on the special request, of course

This is the lining...his favorite "John Deere" equipment!

Of course all the workers have to have their names on their backs

Now, let's take a couple of pictures...

"Well, yes, Gaboo,  I love my vest but hate to have my picture taken!"
(Gaboo is the name his mother, her sister and brother used to call both my
hubby and I before they had learned to say Grandma or Grandpa!

"Maybe if Mommy steps in it will be better!"

"Ah, now that is better...Gaboo is holding me."
"Please notice, I have a truck in each hand!"

"Now that's better; having your picture taken isn't all that bad!"


"Well we have to go home now, Gaboo.  
I have to show my vest to Daddy!
And to my Baby Sister, Juniper who is almost 5 months old."

So here is a HALLOWEEN Greeting to all of you from Colin and Juniper
and of course, GABOO!
Aren't my great grand babies cute!

Until next time, Halloween Greetings to you.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

NO, IT'S NOT A CHRISTMAS TREE... my kitchen window!  But it is a darling
that was packed away for a couple of years.  
It is a green tree with clear lights, fall colored fruits and 
fall colored leaves.  
Read further down to see it.
While it still isn't time for HOME TOUR #3
(coming soon right on this blog!)
I thought I would show you some of the (few) Halloween decorations
that I decided to use this year.
So let's start right at the front porch...

Here is my teeny, tiny front porch but I manage to cram a bunch of stuff on it!  (Smile!)
The pumpkin, house and little ghosts light up!  (Fun!)

this poor Halloween Cat looks like he is really lonely on the Beige-y front door
which I can't paint!  8 - ( 
But he only needs to stay our here for a couple of weeks!(Wink)
So let's go in,,,it's starting to get "more than cool" here in MN.

this is my entry table set up for fall...pretty simple.
Let's go into the kitchen...

I was so excited to have an "ISLAND" in my kitchen!  
Wanted one all my life and had to wait till I got to my 16th house!
It gives me a wonderful "display" space so here you see my
She is so cute and the faces on these guys are precious
You will soon see more of these cute little 
in the coming months!

Let's check out the kitchen china cabinet...

You've seen this piece before but it is missing it's doors.
"Almost S.I.L" has them at his house replacing the glass with Chicken Wire.
I can't wait to get them back!

This is on the kitchen table...I love black and white checks with 
white pumpkins!

Ta, Da!  Here is the little tree I mentioned at the beginning of this post.  
There is also a little wooden "witch" and a felt crow who happened by!
Sorry about the cord!  (giggle!)

At the side of the kitchen it is very simple...just 3 wooden pumpkins with twig stems.
So simple

Here's the dining room table set for Halloween dinner!
See the was made for me, as a gift, by the wonderful young lady that bought my Cherry Armoire from Craigslist!
She said: "Just for being so nice."
She made it overnight!
What a Gal!

Here is a close up shot of the dishes.  They are:
"Autumn Splendor" 
designed by David Harden 
and copyrighted in 2003.
They are retired now but I like them as they are good for both
Halloween and Thanksgiving!

Another cute witch with a great complexion (giggle)
I only like "cute" for ghouls, skeletons or spiders for me!
How about you?

This is another simple decoration on a wonderful prim. cabinet

You figured this out...the mantle.  I just got these lamps from Pier One.  Thought I would have to paint the bases but the Alabaster color works just fine.  (Good, one less thing to put on the "to-do" list!)

Here's  a close-up of one end of the mantle..
Thought you might want to see the Luncheon Plates to the dining room dishes.  I backed it with a 
solid colored Amber plate (from Pier One) to give it a little oomph!

One more thought...
I have had major problems with Blogger and Google and now I have discovered I am NOT able to THANK
those of you who are following me...
I want you to know how happy I am that you are.
I try to go to your blog or to find you otherwise but if GOOGLE has anything to do with it
 it just can't happen.
I love you all who comment (makes my day!)
and I hope you will continue

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