Sunday, December 1, 2013

This 'n That....And SOME REALLY BIG NEWS

I have been away for waaaay tooo long,,,but read further and you will find out why!  
First of all I took a trip to Minnesota to visit family in October and when I came back to my back yard I found my flowers were so delighted that I hadn't touched them, they all were blooming like I have never seen in the 16 years I have lived is one sample..

There were also so many Mandarins on the tree that the branches were almost to the ground!  
See what happens when I leave plants alone!
I told you I have a "Black Thumb!"

Here is a picture of my house that you have seen before but for those of you who like to play "I Spy" check out the left side of the picture!
Yes, that is a "FOR SALE" sign...
So let's move along...
(Pardon the "Pun!")

Here are my Great Room and Master Bedroom (sorry about the clothes baskets...Hee, Hee!)
Anyway, that is how they looked when the house was for sale. (No clothes baskets, of course!)  The Realtor didn't want me to do much staging but I did remove family pictures, multiple picture arrangements and some small stuff.
Then I went out to the back yard (by then the October flowers were drooping and the grasses in pots were browning and looking a little sad.)
I didn't give you a picture of was really sad, a total mess but I did have some pretty flowers planted and set the table and added a cushion and pillows to the bench.

My color scheme in the back yard is red, white and blue.

It made a huge difference to get rid of the sad looking, no let's be honest here, DEAD plants and add some color with chair cushions and set the table.
So the next thing that happened...

It took all of 4 days!  Boy, was I lucky!  I have to are selling like "hotcakes" here right now and it is good because this is how it looks right now...

Here's one end of that great room...Boxes, Lamps, wrapping paper and STUFF...

And here's the other end...

Just a quick shot of the bedroom...some nights I have to clear the bed before I can go to bed!

As you can see, my new BEST FRIEND has become my TAPE GUN!

I am packing the "inside" of the house so I will be able to find things at the other end. 
As I told one "packer" (another move) we don't own anything called "Miscellaneous"
so I didn't want boxes marked that way.  So I have been at it for several weeks now and the packers (for the garage, and what I DON'T get done) will be here early next week.  Then the car gets picked up on one of those huge car hauler trucks to go 2,000 miles!

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

Oh, yea, you might want to know where I am going...
I have decided to move to a suburb of Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN.
My daughters and their families live close; one is 11 miles and the other 3 hours from my new
Townhome.  It is really lovely, with about 1600 sq. ft. on the main level and a total of 2500 when you add in the finished downstairs.  The lower level is a walkout and totally finished and I am really getting excited about decorating a new place.

Now about the weather...that is another question!!!

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

Thank you for taking the time to read my post and I have to admit there probably won't be another until the first of the year...oh, there are so many things that have to numbers, e-mail addresses, cell phone carriers, and who knows who else.  Thankfully I will have grandchildren nearby so they can get all the electronic stuff set for me!  HA!

Please don't forget about me...I just might be frozen in a snowbank somewhere!

Lots of love and hugs.  May your holidays be all that you want them to be and more!

Blessings to you all

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